Product Catalog

Discover the benefits of the Smart BSS product: Product Catalog

Organize and expand your offer

Use functions such as versioning, cloning, vouchers and discounts, product bundles and associations to build an impressive and enticing offer.

Integrate with other Smart BSS functions

Benefit from an all-in-one approach to connect easily with CRM, revenue management, a taxation module, and external integrations.

Direct your offer with accuracy

Address your offer precisely at the target audience by using sales channels and availability checks.

Product Catalog – Smart BSS solution for offer management

The key goal of Smart BSS is to provide you with a structured, easy to use solution for organizing your offer and integrating it with sales channels and revenue management functions.

The main challenge is to propose a system with a high level of complexity enforced by the variety of options necessary to run a successful business, along with tax jurisdiction compliance.

Another crucial challenge is to direct the offer precisely at the target audience. Smart BSS Product Catalog allows assignment of particular offers to distinct sales channels and target groups, along with operations in multiple time zones, availability checks, and highly configurable tax options.

The main goal of Smart BSS Product Catalog is to deliver the abovementioned functions in a simple manner thanks to the well-developed structure and the use of wizards, which eliminates the need for coding skills to set up the Product Catalog. The created objects are assigned to types that are defined only once. The structure of Smart BSS Product Catalog allows items to be categorized by recurrence (periodic, one-time) and nature (rate-based, switch, termination, subscribe, unsubscribe, and more).

You can tailor charging patterns precisely to current business needs. The structure includes Product Type with related Charging Type and Price Type. The Charging Type relates to the nature (recurrence) or payment, and the Price Type relates to the nature of  the charged service, product or action. The most important distinction between the two groups of Charging Types is that they are either periodic or one-time, but many more predefined options are available. Charging can be made in advance, or after use and calculated for the entire billing periods or fractions thereof. 

Product Catalog – Smart BSS

Product Catalog – Full integration with CRM and revenue management in Smart BSS:

Access to Smart BSS Product Catalog allows you to integrate fully with customer relations and revenue management. The Product Catalog also provides an array of functions and benefits:

  • Flexible structure, which allows definition of different types of products and services, not only for telco
  • Broad spectrum of charging variants: usage-based, subscription-based, one-off, perpetual, bulk
  • Easy configuration through wizards
  • Vouchers and discounts to engage prospects and active customers
  • Facilitated expansion - pre-automated processes, configuration of wizards, cloning
  • Integration with finance and customer relation management
  • Compliance with multiple tax jurisdictions configurable via a system wizard
  • Integration with service layer and availability check
  • Products available for different target groups and sales channels
  • Integration with Self-care and Webshop platforms
  • Associations between items within Product Catalog 
  • Choice of currency
  • Different time zones
  • Integration with legal sphere (terms and conditions, etc.) 
  • Easily accessible translation files for support of multiple languages
  • Every item in the Product Catalog can have assigned transitions (switch, subscribe, unsubscribe, hold, etc.) and associated prices
  • Product associations (require, main-subject, exclusion) to manage relations between products

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