Webshop and Self-care

Discover Benefits of the Smart BSS Product: Webshop and Self-care

Present your offer effectively to potential customers

Expand your client base by targeting specific customers with an interesting offer showcase.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce churn rate by assuring seamless customer care with an optimized onboarding process and an easy to use ticketing system.

Ensure seamless self-service for your customer

Increase satisfaction with a user-friendly comprehensive service that allows access to all crucial functionalities in one place.

Learn more about modules available in the Smart BSS Webshop and Self-care product:

Webshop – Smart BSS intelligent e-shop service system  

The Webshop is an online store that integrates and presents the Product Catalog offer to your customers, encouraging them to purchase services with a simple, user-friendly interface. The system is available by default for all users, and integrated with the Self-care platform for registered and authenticated customers.

Thanks to this dual system, you can up-sell services to your customers, while keeping them engaged, as well as winning the hearts of new ones by combining marketing with smooth online service sales. In order to provide tailored offers for different sales channels, locations and target groups, all items in Webshop/Self-care are centrally managed. The services available in the system are defined in your Product Catalog, but you decide which objects are visible to customers.

The Webshop can be divided into multiple sections for private and business customers, which may differ significantly. The first type of section presents pre-configured items from Product Catalog that can be purchased without adjustments. Customer can create an account providing all the required data and accepting Terms and Conditions, and choose payment method. However, the business Customer may need more personalized approach. Thus, through the other establishment of online store one can choose offers of interest, provide contact data and request personalized contact from your customer service. Number of independent tabs created according to those two patterns can be available simultaneously in Webshop to direct offer at particular target groups of choice.

You can customize the Webshop with your own offer, layout, terms and conditions, and more. The system is a well-regarded online store with a cart, where potential customers can add or remove items. Its convenient interface comes with a predefined list of FAQs to choose from – or generate your own records.

Smart BSS can also offer location check, allowing potential customers to find out whether the service they are interested in is available in their area. This requires a list of addresses to which you can provide a service. If a requested address is not on the list, you get informed about the request posted by the customer. This can lead to greater customer retention and is very useful from a development analysis perspective.

Webshop – Smart BSS

Self-care platform – Smart BSS customer self-management module

For your existing customers, we offer the Smart BSS Self-care platform. This requires authentication and allows users to perform operations smoothly. Customers can preview their contracts, manage subscriptions and personal data, and make payments integrated with a variety of payment gateways easily thanks to the user-friendly GUI. Tickets, contracts, vouchers and so on are fully integrated with the CRM platform to facilitate seamless and reliable service. Simultaneously, the customer's privileges can be adjusted and limited to fit your business model. Importantly, the Self-care platform is designed as a part of Webshop, which facilitates up-selling and helps limit churn rate by extending contracts.

Webshop – Smart BSS

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