Voucher Management

Discover benefits of the Smart BSS product: Voucher Management

Gain great versatility of options

Choose the format that suits you best: printed or online, discount or service.

Encourage new business and retain existing customers

Use vouchers to offer your customers special promos and discounts.

Increase sales of prepaid cards

Make your product available in the form of cards with unique PIN codes to activate the service.

Voucher Management – Smart BSS tool for managing vouchers

Voucher Management System allows you to create versatile vouchers that can be redeemed for distinct items such as money for various services, discounts, trial periods or service access in your platform. Another possibility is generating vouchers that can be physically printed, sold in retail stores and redeemed in Websites, IVR, USSD or the Self-care platform to top-up accounts, pay invoices or allow access to specific services. Vouchers can be generated in series by a mass process and managed through a web-based GUI and set of predefined APIs. The entire process is fully integrated with other components of Smart BSS and secured to ensure a high level of anti-theft protection. 

Voucher Management System

Voucher Management - features and opportunities

Easy voucher generation

Generate vouchers/PINs, prepare and send them for printing, or choose on-demand voucher generation.

Online self-management for customers

Gain full web management and Self-care application for end-users, easily integrated with existing portals. Use SMS and email notifications to facilitate communication.

Voucher & PIN lifecycle management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your scratch cards, PIN codes and vouchers (e.g. validity dates), either separately or in a mass process.

Predefined, flexible reports

Receive a predefined set of reports and enable flexible report definition with an open web service API for fast and easy integration.

Importing and exporting vouchers

Connect to external systems to import and export vouchers and PINs.

White labeling and reseller support

Provide support for multiple virtual operators and service providers, with possible settlements between partners.

Data security

Enable multiple data encoding methods that result in securely mass-generated series with protected PIN codes.

Integrated payment gateway and financial dealings

Gain support for multiple recharging methods, not only vouchers, but also credit cards, bank transfers and more, along with billing and invoicing system integration.

Integration with IVR billing/IN platform

Easily integrate the system with an IVR tool for managing the top-up process, as well as with an external billing/charging system or IN platform for replenishing user balances.

Highly adjustable

You can configure vouchers with either unit (monetary, time, service/subscription, abstract "points") or percentage of service fee, single/multiple/public use and expiry date. Additional options allow transferring benefits from one customer to another.

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