Smart BSS all-in-one Business Support System

What exactly is Comarch Smart BSS?

  • Comarch Smart BSS is a comprehensive, all-in-one business support system. Our strong telecom pillars deliver customer-oriented service excellence inspired by recommendations of TM Forum and business partners’ guidelines. We streamline telco and non-telco businesses, by delivering flexibility in service definition and process execution.
  • Smart BSS is supported by experienced technical and business-oriented specialists, ready to tailor our broad range of capabilities to your needs and challenges.
  • We provide a single, integrated platform for various roles in your organization, covering sales agents, customer center employees, accountants, product managers, and technical service managers, and allowing you to define access permissions for individual users.

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Optimed NXT functionalities

What are the benefits?

Customer first approach

Deliver customer satisfaction through smooth and seamless services. Ensure the highest quality of service through the simple, aesthetic self-care platform and smooth ticket management system.

Secure products and services

Make your life easier with our predefined schemes and patterns or choose from a broad spectrum of options to customize processes and entities.

Revenues beyond expectations
Control the entire financial cycle from pricing your offer through billing and invoicing to payment collection and dunning in one system. Thrive thanks to multiple functionalities, broad spectrum of options and patterns.
Personalize and reuse
Reuse out-of-the-box configuration or design your own unique processes. We know how to make your life easier by predefining schemes and patterns but leaving you choice and broad spectrum of options to customize processes and entities.
Launch MVP in just few weeks
Save time by verifying your individual business case with the market analysis enhanced by our relevant experience and proven expertise.

Explore Smart BSS Functionalities:

Webshop and Self-care platform

The Webshop is an online store that presents the Product Catalog integrated offer to your prospective and current customers. It encourages purchases thanks to a simple, user-friendly interface. The Webshop is available by default for all the users, and integrated with the Self-care platform for registered and authenticated customers. The dual role of Webshop/Self-care includes up-selling services to current customers while keeping them engaged, as well as winning the hearts of new customers by combining marketing with the smooth process of online service sales.  All items in Webshop/Self-care are centrally managed to provide tailored offers for different sales channels, locations or target groups.

Key features:

  • B2B and B2C sales
  • Products and services online purchase
  • Self-service: registration, onboarding, and self-help
  • Up-selling and down-selling functions
  • Customizable application layout
  • Various sales channels, locations or target groups
  • Self-service and self-help
  • Facilitated communication

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Smart BSS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a comprehensive platform that encapsulates accounts management functionalities and facilitates communication with your customers. Alongside its flexibility, Smart BSS CRM includes an advanced panel of functionalities through the customer lifecycle, from account creation and on-boarding to management and off-boarding – all in one dashboard. The 360-degree customer view functionality facilitates all operations by encapsulating them in a single panel. 

You can manage incoming and outgoing interactions with customers. Smart BSS CRM provides customer ticketing, where you can manage daily communication with customers' requests alongside troubleshooting and any other actions requiring interaction with customers. You can reach out to your customers for legal consent, campaigns, loyalty program or urgent notifications. 

Key features:

  • Sales channel for back office and call center agents
  • 360° prospect and customer management
  • Single platform to manage customers, contacts, accounts, and subscriptions
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Multi-channel trouble ticketing
  • Communications management (notifications, email, SMS)
  • Order and process management 
  • Customer loyalty (points, campaigns, discounts)

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Product Catalog

Since Smart BSS Product Catalog is fully integrated with sales channels and CRM, it gives you extensive, immediate control over your portfolio. It allows you to generate and publish your offer, organize it in bundles, and easily expand the catalog by cloning and versioning its currently existing items. The introduction of variants and versions of items in product catalog enables you to change the price for all customers at a given time, or to modify it for a particular audience. Then, you can assign specific products and subscriptions to sales channels and target customer segments such as private and business clients or prospective and current customers.

The Smart BSS Product Catalog also offers tax jurisdiction compliance, tariffs, discounts, and voucher management. Additionally, we can provide an availability check functionality to inform potential customers whether a particular service is accessible for a given address and to collect data about prospective development zones. 

Key features:

  • Single source of product configuration for the entire application landscape
  • Structure of single and bundled offers to meet the needs of demanding providers
  • Standard, volume and package pricing
  • Flexible binding periods and pricing models for various sales channels
  • Discounts, vouchers, and loyalty points to increase customer loyalty
  • Possibility to direct offer selectively at B2B and/or B2C clients
  • Wholesale product management

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Smart BSS Product Catalog

Billing and Finances

Revenue Management - tightly integrated with Product Catalog and CRM - encapsulates finances related to subscription lifecycles in an accessible manner. The entire system is characterized by a high level of flexibility ensured by its structure based on tight integration with Product Catalog. The billing cycles (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) facilitate billing and invoicing and the creation of new processes that fulfil your personalized needs at every step of financial matters, from pricing to dunning. 

Key features:

  • Usage-based service charges calculation
  • Calculation based on calls, SMS, data, events, counters and other data sources
  • Real-time session control for online services
  • Automated invoice generator
  • Money collection via various sources: payment gateways, direct debit, bank transfers
  • Revenue security by effective dunning process (triggers, actions, results)
  • Integrated monitoring tool for usage traffic (EDR (event data record), CDR (call data records))

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Billing and Finances Smart BSS

Processes and integrations

The strength of Smart BSS lies not only in its inner comprehensiveness but also versatile, pre-configured processes related to customer accounts and subscription management and customers' inquiries. The complete Smart BSS solution contains pre-defined paths that can be tailored precisely to meet your company's needs, thus reducing workload. The broad range of internal and external integrations (APIs) including network, payment providers and file exchange allows better control of information exchange and improves security. The unique combination of extensive external integration, all-in-one comprehensive system, and ease of configuration ensures processes that fit specific needs and hence constant, seamless functioning of your business.

Key features:

  • Flexible process management module
  • End-to-end processes available (order-to-cash, sales-to-support, order-to activity, problem-to-solution)
  • Graphical order progress monitoring supporting root-cause analysis
  • Set of ready to use APIs: sales, products management, customer management, service charging, payments
  • Seamless integration with service and payments providers
  • Improved security (specialization, auditing, monitoring)
  • Control over information access, responsibility assignment, methodology and benchmarking

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Processes and integrations Smart BSS

Retail and Wholesale Management

Retail and Wholesale management is a natural extension of Smart BSS structure, which allows to easily setup multitenancy environment for retail and wholesale management within the same system. It provides the perfect match of central analysis and revenue management with support for the retailers to create their own branded online stores and product catalog variations. Extensive privilege management allows to maintain the high level of integrity between parties while assuring data safety and security. It provides the support for your retailers to help you grow together in harmony. 

Key features:

  • Multitenancy and flexible structure 
  • Invoicing for customers and retailers in one system
  • Intuitive CRM platform for all the parties
  • Self-care and Webshop branding for each of the retailers
  • Adjustable scope of privileges and permissions for system users
  • One customer data base for all the parties

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Retail and Wholesale Management

Voucher management

Voucher Management System allows you to create versatile vouchers that can be redeemed for distinct items such as money for various services, discounts, trial periods or service access in your platform. The broad range of applications include discounts for a set value of currency (also virtual), percentage of the price customer or a prospect would pay, abstract points remittable for goods etc. The system is capable of managing either virtual or physically printed vouchers for example for marketing campaigns or retail of pre-paid service. 

Would you like to create a multi-use code for influencers to share through their platform, or maybe specifically targeted loyalty program for your customers? In any case, our strength is the combination of top-notch adaptability and readiness to respond to your business needs by providing robustly secure, field-tested software. Voucher Management System can be purchased as a part to Smart BSS or integrated with an existing BSS through API.

Key features:

  • Absolute value or percentage
  • Adjustable redemption units
  • Exclusive or share-with-a-friend 
  • Secure PINs and integrations
  • Integrated with CRM, Self-care and billing system

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Voucher management Smart BSS

Delivery Models:

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