Cloud Subscription Billing

What is Comarch Cloud Subscription Billing?


Comarch Cloud Subscription Billing enables simple management of customers, their contracts, recurring billing and related processes for subscription-based businesses. The available SaaS platform types offer you a large variety of features, adjusted to each company’s individual needs and those of their business clients.

Based on our vast experience in reconstruction and business standardization, Comarch’s cloud billing software is designed to completely automate your business processes. No matter if you target private or corporate customers, the multiple options and business model-specific functionalities of our out-of-the-box, the cloud billing solution will boost your business and increase your employees’ productivity.

Comarch Cloud Subscription and Recurring Billing
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Cloud Subscription Billing

What type of cloud billing platform should you choose?

Essential B2C

For companies that need to manage an expanding customer base and related contracts, with easy product creation and simple revenue management, including billing and payment management.  Address your customers’ changing needs, and adjust to the quickly changing environment with new offers and correct charging to align customer-oriented business objectives.

Essential B2B

For companies that not only have more complex contract management needs (contracted SLA measurement), but also need to standardize their business processes, potentially involving different third parties and complexity, for example when commissioning a subcontractor intervention during the customer order fulfillment process or validating service feasibility through a verification flow. Implement order management unification, follow-up and transparency to speed up smooth and continuing business growth.

Premium (On-premises/Private Cloud)

For companies addressing business needs and those of individual clients, and expecting more advanced data security and flexibility. Comarch Private Cloud offers full protection and control of sensitive data, ensuring simplified data management. This solution is dedicated for enterprise  clients and similar who manage their own data centers, and for larger international companies.

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Benefits of Comarch Cloud Subscription Billing for your company  

Automated Processes

  • Automatization and optimization for your processes that may have been managed traditionally to date.
  • End to end customer lifecycle management.
  • Pre-configured, directly deployable business processes.
  • B2B related sales processes and lead management.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • A fully secured, multitenant, powerful cloud environment with high scalability.
  • Standardized integrations to third-party applications and systems.
  • Commercial, off the shelf, ready to use solution.

Business Operations Support

  • A single solution covering all major business areas (sales, customer relations management, order, billing, accounting and loyalty management).
  • Effective first and second line support, and maintenance provided by the company.
  • Initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) reduction of around 80% in cloud-based deployment, compared to the traditional deployment method.

How various industries can use the Comarch Cloud Subscription Billing Platform ?


to charge patients for video consultation subscription and enable online payments for private medical services


to provide online learning and calculate premium member fees

Software sellers

to support sales of cloud applications in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS models

Media, entertainment and research companies

to handle premium content subscriptions


to perform extra service billing

Service providers

to enable TV, video, Internet and mobile phone subscriptions

Airport services

for managing landing or parking fees

Why choose Comarch Cloud Subscription Billing?

  • Take advantage of Comarch’s experience in billing system. We have been implementing solutions for small and medium-sized operators since 2000.
  • With our worldwide DevOps team and knowledge sharing practices, we offer not only implementation but also highly advanced advisory spanning the entire implementation process, which is greatly appreciated by our customers.
  • Benefit from the advanced features on offer – choose not only from the billing features but also from advanced product management solution and business management-related extra options. We believe that our billing solution is an integral part a comprehensive solution that facilitates full automation when all aspects operate in harmony.
  • The platform is an all in one formula for a successful business launch or digital transformation of traditional business.

Billing management

A basic feature of our platform, allowing businesses to rate, charge and bill for delivered services, ensuring revenue streams. Invoicing functionality, dunning and payment reconciliation complete the end to end scope of internal financial process.
Cloud Subscription Billing - Billing management platform printscreen

Client contracts in one place

Instead of storing contract-related information in different places, our platform allows you to perform all required contract-related operations within a single process. For instance, a customer contract is kept in a digitized version on their account.

For a more specific B2C scenario, an identity check can be performed directly if such verification is required in your country.
Cloud Subscription Billing - contract-management-printscreen

Third-party involvement and KPI analytics

In a complex business environment, different parties can be involved in a process. Typically, a third-party service can be required in order to complete a service delivery.

Our platform’s preconfigured business flows enable partners to validate their involvement, and to complete the whole process smoothly. Incorporated SLA management allows you to monitor and control the overall performance needed to meet your contracted KPIs.
Cloud Subscription Billing - Reports management printscreeen

Collection management

One of the crucial parts of a company activity is securing its revenues by effective collection management. Our platform’s dunning management functionality allows multi-stage collection management, reducing cash-flow impact and business risks.
Cloud Subscription Billing - Reports management printscreen

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Standard Integrations

Implementation Process and Experts Advisory

Comarch software house is not only a software producer, it has a long history of efficient software implementation related services.

Comarch solutions have been almost exclusively implemented and supported by company’s internal departments. Our experience is reflected by our consultancy approach, making it faster and easier to set up solutions.

With the support of our DevOps team, the configuration approach allows us to quickly rework your flows into standardized processes, allowing you to start your business within a couple of weeks.

At the same time, Comarch provides technical, post-launch support, and shares its expertise from previous projects. Best practices and our internal knowledge base are used in order to advise our customers.

Going beyond a standard SaaS approach, Comarch also provides managed services, which may be implemented to complete the scope of our offer. For instance, Comarch can manage your bill runs or other business-related activity, allowing you to concentrate on the essential activity of your business.

Frequently asked questions

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