Security Platform

Comarch Security Platform

Comarch Security Platform is a series of products dedicated to clients related to national and physical security and defense. It has solutions in the field of:

  • video analyst
  • video and audio transmission systems
  • secure communication systems based on IP protocols
  • financial control systems
  • network and IT systems monitoring systems
  • systems using AI in UAV technology
  • individual security systems
  • turnkey solutions for state services

Comarch Security Platform is a platform that supports maintaining the physical security of various types of facilities. The most important functionalities of the system include:

  • Integration of many different physical security systems
  • Centralized incident management based on defined
  • Analysis and correlation of information from integrated systems
  • Reporting and auditing related to physical security
  • Video analytics based on CCTV monitoring
The Comarch Security platform is a solution that combines elements of physical and cyber security. Thanks to this, the information analysis system can be used to create a comprehensive and modern security system.

The integration and use of information from multiple sources allows to increase situational awareness regarding the safety of protected buildings, areas or mass events. Real-time analysis and transmission of information to security management centers enables preventive actions as well as quick and effective response to detected threats.

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