Comarch EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Comarch EHR is an IT system used for managing e-documentation in all kinds of medical service facilities. Central access to documents originating from various systems offers efficient gathering and processing of medical data. This innovative solution supports physicians in making the right diagnosis and saves time for patients and medical staff alike.


  • Safe archive
  • The most important information is isolated from the document in the form of a Patient Record
  • Test results and selected documents made available through the Patient Portal
  • Export of documentation via XML and PDF formats
  • Support for  HL7 CDA and XDS.b standards
  • Possibility of integrating many source systems provided by various manufacturers
  • Versioning and comparing the contents of medical documents
  • Use of electronic signatures, assurance of cryptographic cards
  • Possibility of scanning paper documents, presenting test results in a user-friendly manner

EHR hospital system

Areas of application

mednote app

Comarch Mednote

Modern Application for Managing the GPs Office

  • Web application which provides physician with all necessary medical information and minimizes the time spent on medical procedures and formalities
  • Efficient conduct of patient medical history and a significant reduction in costs associated with the need to securely store long medical records
  • Availability from the Cloud
  • Keep and manage electronic medical documentation

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medical concierge

Comarch Concierge

Multichannel, communication platform for patients, ensuring continuity of medical care

  • Effective doctor-patient communication outside the hospital environment, medical clinic or GP's office through online video calls and secure inbox
  • Constant online access to patient health records and remote monitoring of patient health status
  • Personalized recommendations for the patients
  • Multiple services available online, which shorten waiting lines at medical facilities

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health platform

Regional Platform and Health City

Full solution stack for medical entities in the region

  • Service and information technology platform, consisting of a set of mutually interconnected applications and IT systems
  • Aggregation and communications between entities
  • Patient-centric platform for implementing regional health policies and services

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Life Card in use

Electronic Life Card

Upon entering a home where the Life Card transmitter (beacon) is situated, the paramedic or physician can read – on a tablet – all the information that might be needed to save the patient's life, even before emergency actions are undertaken.

  • Rapid transfer of medical data to medical staff 
  • Alarm button triggers immediate action by rescuers
  • Increased sense of security for the patient, due the reduction in the potential for error during rescue actions
  • Notifying the immediate family by sending an SMS about the emergency call

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Comarch EHR has completed Connectathon testing of 7 IHE actors in 9 IHE integration profiles:

  • Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)
  • Consistent Time (CT)
  • Patient Demographics Query (PDQ)
  • Patient Demographic Query HL7 V3 (PDQ V3)
  • Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (PIX) 
  • Patient Identifier Cross-Reference for Mobile (PIXm)
  • Patient Identifier Cross-Reference HL7 V3 (PIX V3) 
  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b), Document Registry
  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b), Document Repository
  • XAD-PID Change Management (XPID)

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System architecture


Implementation Variants

The Comarch EHR architecture, according to IHE guidelines, allows the system to manage documentation in all sorts of medical entities. Therefore, the system can be implemented in various business models.

electronic health record benefits

Benefits from Implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Greater Data Availability and Transparency
  • Reduced Risk of Information Error
  • Improved Ease of Work for Medical Staff

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