What is a Health City?

Health City is an IT service platform comprising a kit of interoperable applications and IT systems. Health City creates and provides a set of tools for medical staff, patients and healthcare system administrators to guarantee comprehensive healthcare throughout life from birth.

The Health City Concept

The main assumption of the project is to provide residents with life-long comprehensive healthcare from birth, while simultaneously shaping medical services available in the city.

Health City Concept

The Entire System will Provide Access to Electronic Services

Remote Nurse

Using a Portable Telemedicine Unit, mobile diagnostics of primary school students is performed to schedule and conduct appropriate screening tests.

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Remote Rehabilitation and Prophylaxis
Makes it possible to offer home care to patients following cardiological diseases, and within the cardiological risk group; it permits ECG monitoring within the hospital, and supports the post-hospitalization rehabilitation process.
Remote Midwife
The application of the remote CTG solution makes it possible to offer care to pregnant women at home with simultaneous automatic data transmission in respect of test data and results.
Remote Care
Medical-hub software and hardware make it possible to provide telemedicine services with continuous patient monitoring outside the hospital and, in the event of a fall or risk to life, to call an ambulance.
Remote Medical Center
Complementing traditional healthcare to allow teleconsultations, access to medical data, automatic reminders about the need to administer medication, and provides for monitoring of whether patients follow doctors’ recommendations.
Electronic Health Booklet
Makes it possible to keep and electronically share patient medical records, with intuitive searching at the browser level and an assurance of continuous and selective access to patients medical documentation only by authorized persons.
Analytical and Reporting Platform
This solution is a set of tools for population health data analysis. The data collected and analyzed provide information to sched¬ule health care and prevention measures.

Pillars of the Health City Concept

  • Comprehensive healthcare
  • A holistic approach to patients
  • Developed medical analytics
  • Care covering all social groups
  • Easier access to medical data
  • Delocalization of healthcare

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access to medical data

Telemedicine Solutions Implemented

Elements of the Health City Platform

Discover layers forming the Health City Platform.

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Health City platform layers

Telecommunications Platform

Comarch e-Care telemedicine platform functions within Health City. The solution gathers qualified medical staff to allow patient monitoring using the services in the 24/7 mode. 24/7 care allows swift intervention in the event of automatically detected anomalies. The Telecommunications Platform integrates medical data and devices. It also includes IT systems such as: Electronic Health Booklet and Analytical and Reporting Platform.

Electronic Health Booklet

Electronic Health Booklet

Examples of Health City implementation projects

Learn more about the projects conducted in several cities in Poland.

Health City implementations

Health City implementations

Who can benefit?

  • Medical units

    • Application of modern, advanced tools to support prophylaxis and treatment
    • Harnessing the Internet to broaden the range of community medical service
    • Access to residents’ Electronic Medical Documentation
    • Shortening the hospitalization period
  • Local governments

    • Analysis of anonymized data about residents’ health by territory
    • Making innovative telemedicine and telecare services available to residents
    • Launching a central medical service registry for residents
    • Development of IT infrastructure in subordinate medical centers
  • Residents of Health City

    • Sense of safety, support, and care
    • Convenient telemedicine services
    • User-friendly Remote Medical Centre software for accessing medical services, making appointments, obtaining personal medical recommendations, and monitoring whether a patient follow’s their doctor’s recommendations
    • Easy access to personal medical data via Electronic Health Booklet

    “Cooperation between Comarch S.A. and the Regional Hospital in Suwałki has resulted in the implementation of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods for patients as residents of Health City. The use of remote services principally means easier control over the implementation of doctors’ recommendations, fewer tests and visits, more convenient services, and a sense of safety, support, and care.”

    Adam Szałanda, Director of Dr Ludwik Rydygier, Regional Hospital in Suwałki

    Sources of financing

    Under the contract concluded by Comarch S.A. with the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR), development works are performed, and a demonstration installation of the Health City telecommunications platform is created. Comarch’s investment in the project totals PLN 20 963 504.00, of which PLN 8 385 401.60 will be co-financed by the NCBR. Contract implementation began in January 2016, and will continue until December 2018. The project is carried out under Measure 1.1: R&D projects of the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014 – 2020, co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund.

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