What is a Telecommunications Platform?

The solution gathers qualified medical staff to allow patient monitoring using the services in the 24/7 mode. 24/7 care allows swift intervention in the event of automatically detected anomalies. The Telecommunications Platform integrates medical data and devices. It also includes IT systems such as: Analytical and Reporting Platform and Electronic Health Booklet.

Electronic Health Booklet

A comprehensive, Internet-based IT system that integrates all services available within the Health City projects. Access to the Electronic Health Booklet is via the Remote Medical Center, which uses the mobile application functionality.

Electronic Health Booklet

Analytical and Reporting Platform

The objective of the Platform is to integrate data from all components of the Health City with external data, such as: data from the Central Statistical Office, data about traffic, and information on air pollution gathered using Big Data technology. The information obtained is subject to advanced anonymization, analytics, and recommendations. This results in sets of predefined reports and statistical analysis to help institutions plan and implement optimal health promotional campaigns focused on diseases or risks prevalent in a particular town, city, or municipality. All data sent to the Analytical and Reporting Platform are anonymized.

Analytical and Reporting Platform

Analysis of data collected

health data anonymization

Examples of analysis for systems

A2A - for internal administrative needs / A2B – for business support needs / A2C – for recommendations to residents


  • Analysis of list of vaccinations to detect and prevent shortage
  • Predictive analysis to detect risk of outbreaks
  • Gathering statistical data from particular city districts

health city administration


  • Analysis of frequency of occurrence of particular diseases
  • Analysis of most frequently executed medical services
  • Reminder about periodical checks

ehealth business


  • Reminder about vaccinations
  • Recommending medical services to patients
  • Individualized targeting of social and preventive campaigns in the region

Residents Health City

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