The solution comprises a set of applications integrated with a portable telemedical unit, which makes it possible to generate and save pupils’ electronic documentation. 

Remote Nurse functionalities

  • Screening tests among children and teenagers
  • School prevention services using a portable kit dedicated to nurses
  • Maintenance of pupils’ medical e-documentation
  • Export of electronic documentation, in full or in part, in PDF and XML formats
  • Making documentation available to parents or legal guardians
  • Printout from pupils’ individual medical documentation
  • A possibility of printing document templates (such as preventive medical test charts)
  • Gathering pupils’ individual medical documentation at one place
  • Gathering collective and statistical documentation regarding all pupils of a single year or the entire school
  • Automatic completion of statistical surveys from tests performed – reporting duty
  • Carrying out environmental surveys regarding pupils’ health


Remote Nurse

Proposed service procedure


Data security

All data are stored securely, and access to the platform is protected. Only parents and medical staff can view medical documentation and personal data.



Mobile Telemedical Workstation

  • Scales
  • Stadiometer
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Centile grids
  • Body composition analyzer
  • Eye charts
  • Podoscan 2D
  • Spirometer and thermometer
  • Bluetooth enabled laptop
  • Wi-fi modem with Internet access
  • Scanner
  • Printer

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