Comarch HTA

Telemetry System for Healthcare Facilities

Comarch HTA (Comarch Hospital Telemetry Assistant) is an innovative telemetry system developed with hospitalised patients who require 24/7 monitoring in mind. The system allows continuous monitoring of a patient’s health condition, as well as insight into their medical history, thus improving the efficiency of nursing care through more effective time management. Key data, sent via mobile devices worn by the patients, are available on stationary computers, as well as on tablets. This allows a quicker response time to any risks to a patient's life or health, which improves the quality of healthcare services.


  • Parallel monitoring of the condition of a group of patients (up to 50 people).
  • Continuous registration of a patient’s physiological signals (ECG, body temperature and SpO2).
  • Automatic algorithms to detect irregularities in vital signs.
  • Option for patients to call medical staff.
  • Algorithm for detecting when a patient collapses.
  • Patients’ location in the medical center.
  • Viewing the history of physiological records.
  • Possible integration with the hospital information system (for example Comarch Optimed NXT).
  • Automatic detection of irregularities in the operation of the utility network and telemedicine devices.

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Examples of use

Comarch HTA can be used on hospital wards for adults and children over the age of six, in particular in the following units: cardiology, internal diseases, geriatric, neurological, rehabilitation, general surgery, traumatology and orthopaedics, and vascular surgery.

Therapeutic indications for the use of Comarch HTA system:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Neurogical Diseases.
  • Muscoskeletal Disorders.
  • Respiratory Diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Patients with cognitive disorders (dementia).
  • Diagnoistics.
  • After surgical procedures.
  • Multiple diseases.

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Comarch HTA monitoring station

Stationary computer aggregating and presenting archive and current data collected from Comarch HTA devices provided to patients. It allows for quick responses to events across the hospital ward.

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Comarch HTA device

This handy pocket-size device allows a patient’s physio¬logical data gathered from connected modules (ECG, SpO2) to be sent to the monitoring station. The device comprises two parts: the central module, and a replace¬able power supply module.

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ECG extension module 

This acts as an intermediate device between Comarch HTA and the electrodes attached to the patient’s body. The embedded algorithms serve to automatically detect any irregularities in the patient’s heartbeat, and to report relevant alarms.

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Module for Spo2 and body temperature measurements

The module transmits and analyzes signals from the patient’s body. The embedded algorithms permit detec¬tion of atypical body temperature and blood oxygenation values.

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Comarch HTA mobile application

An application for tablets with the Android operating system, to allow the display of basic information (medi¬cal data, location, or current alarm event) about patients monitored by telemetry. This means that nursing staff can be kept informed wherever they are.

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Comarch beacon

Beacons are small transmitters spaced out around the hospital and operating with Bluetooth Smart technology. The beacons interact with Comarch HTA, thus permitting a patient’s location to be determined and alarms to be generated, such as in the case of an unexpectedly long stay in a particular room, or leaving the hospital.

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The Comarch HTA telemetry system used on our hospital’s Internal Diseases and Cardiology Ward offers continuous monitoring of ECG signals from our patients by our nursing staff, who can respond immediately to any irregularities and take appropriate action. The device recording vital signs is mobile. Therefore, patients are not stuck in bed, but can move freely about the ward. On the other hand, owing to the patient location function, we can be sure that patients feel comfortable and safe. The safety level is also improved by the call system, which can be used when patients feel worse.


MD Jacek Imioło, Medical Director, John Paul II Podhale Specialist Hospital in Nowy Targ

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Quality Management System ISO 13485

Comarch Healthcare S.A. has implemented the certified ISO 13485 quality management system for medical devices. Comarch HTA system is a class IIb medical device certified for compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC.

ISO 13485 quality management system

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