AI/ML-driven Network Efficiency

Be prepared for the opportunities of 5G by automating and optimizing network operations and management

In a highly competitive telecoms landscape, network effectiveness is the greatest determinant of a CSP’s position. Today, we are at the brink of another revolution, in which efforts to achieve higher efficiency in the area of ​​BSS/OSS can be supported by systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Deep automation of telecom 5G network operations and  management allows providers to reduce costs and, more importantly, to implement developments in a shorter time and with a lower impact on the level of services provided. This is crucial in order to take advantage of 5G’s most promising benefit - network slicing. 

According to studies, it is precisely network slicing that will revolutionize mobile operators’ value propositions thanks to the ability to differentiate services, customize offers and innovate more rapidly, inventively and better than ever before. But, given the technological complexity of modern networks, this will not be achieved by operators who lack a robust, future-proof and efficient network driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

ai and ml in telco networking

Discover the benefits of Comarch AI/ML-powered software today

  • Dynamic, AI/ML-based automation of network capacity management
  • Reduced level of inefficiency thanks to a solution that adapts dynamically to your needs at any given time
  • Increased network performance and scalability
  • Improved network performance and service quality 

  • Improved customer experience with dynamic QoS management
  • Quicker time to market, thanks to lower effort required for service design, development, and testing
  • Better interoperability, based on up to date open standards and best practices 

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