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Through years of experience in BI platforms implementations, Comarch has developed its own technologies that are used in our projects.

The portfolio of our products and services covers multiple branches and different classes of analytical solutions: starting from out-of-the-box products up to the most sophisticated custom-made Enterprise Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / AI Platforms. 

Comarch BI Point

Make the right decisions based on data

In times when data is becoming an increasingly significant value and its thorough analysis contributes to shaping and developing a business, deployment of Business Intelligence solutions is necessary in every company. With Comarch BI Point it is possible to individually create and edit reports or dashboards and, as a consequence, to have the insight into company’s data. Analyses contain sophisticated graphical, editable elements such as graphs, indicators (KPIs), tables, maps or filters which facilitate the understanding of visualized information and enables to communicate concepts and important information to others.

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Analyze production

Download a study on data collection, analysis and production reporting.

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Dedicated solutions

Our customers

Solutions for industries

The fuel and power engineering sector uses the Business Intelligence solutions to maximize income, optimize costs, monitor production, forecast future periods, assess risks related thereto, or research market competitiveness. Comarch Business Intelligence provides support for the fuel sector, in order to optimize actions and make more effective decisions.

„Thanks to the fact that Comarch Business Intelligence regularly provides necessary reports, we can have full insight into the company situation during weekly meetings of station managers. This allows us to easier identify and prevent undesirable phenomena as well as to take advantage of all opportunities as they arise. Thanks to implementation of the Comarch Business Intelligence platform, we are able to perform the task of managing a petrol station network while focusing on making the right decisions."


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The financial sector makes extensive use of the Business Intelligence solutions to analyse information from numerous areas and to build own competitiveness. Thanks to application of the Comarch Business Intelligence solution for analysing organizational data, financial institutions can improve and streamline operational effectiveness, develop more efficient marketing strategies, as well as restrict the current costs.

 „It was an ambitious undertaking, and Comarch carried out all the tasks it was entrusted with. The project was managed professionally, otherwise it could not have been completed on time and within the allocated budget. We also achieved great benefits from Comarch’s flexible approach, which this project required. In short, we are very satisfied with the results and we count on further cooperation in the years to come."

Skagen Funds

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Manufacturers use the Business Intelligence solutions in order to improve communication along the entire supply chain, while trying to meet the customers' expectations. Comarch Business Intelligence supports the production sector by improving quality and efficiency of production reporting. It provides knowledge on expectations of new products and their distribution.

„Comarch completed its tasks in accordance with our expectations and the assumed business goals. The implementation team’s involvement in pursuance of the mutual success was clearly visible. We are satisfied about cooperation with the Comarch company as our long-term partner in the scope of analytical solutions."

Stock Poland

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The Retail sector uses the Business Intelligence solutions to enter new markets, predict the changing customer needs and optimize sales of products in the market. Comarch Business Intelligence supports commerce and distribution, for the purpose of increasing the growth dynamism and building a competitive brand in the global market.

„We are fully satisfied for technical solution witch was done by Comarch BI team, as all of our expectations and goals were met. Also, we would like to thank the BI Data Science team for their engagement and effort."  


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The medical sector uses the Business Intelligence solutions to optimize the costs of operation and efficient management of medical facilities. Comarch Business Intelligence supports hospitals and clinics in the scope of data collection, via allocation of costs and monitoring patients' service quality. It provides information on partial costs, possibilities of cost optimization, and patients current expectations.

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Additional materials

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Comarch BI Portfolio

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Booklet BI Point

Read about Comarch BI Point - a self-service reporting tool which enables business users creation of data visualizations. Comprehend your company data and make decisions.

DWM booklet

Read about Comarch Data Warehouse Manager - an element of Comarch Business Intelligence Platform, which gathers all integration modules. Their purpose is to support and manage process of loading data into data warehouse, administration of data, its arrangement and describing.

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Read about how acceleration of processes occurring in companies resulted in development of the methods used to examine the prices of the competitors.

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Read about hot nowadays, social media are an extremely important and flexible channel through which companies can contact the customers.

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Automation of data discovery with business intelligence solution

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Advanced Analytics

Customer segmentation

Thanks to customer segmentation it is possible to divide customers into groups of similar profiles. A company can this way define the most valuable groups of customers and what is more – identify precisely those who generate low profits or even losses.

Option of creating and using such analysis helps undertake more precise and efficient marketing activities, thereby direct a marketing campaign to specific audience whose behaviors and preferences are known.

Basket Analysis

With a basket analysis it is possible to automatically search for products that are most commonly purchased together. As a result, it is possible to use the Next Best Offer mechanism, that is to suggest to the customer a product that he or she usually purchases along with other items.

This type of system contributes to defining a shopping basket that will provide information helpful in organizing company's promotional activities as well as to more efficient product merchandising that can result in up- and cross-selling.

Customer migration analysis (churn analysis)

Customer migration analysis allows identifying customers who are likely to stop using existing services or purchase specific products. Owing to that, it is possible to take actions aimed at minimizing risks resulting in the loss of the customer.

Fraud detection

Nowadays, almost every company is exposed to various types of frauds which, along with advancement in technology, are increasingly difficult to detect and prevent.

Through data analysis and the usage of advanced predictive models, Comarch Business Intelligence solution allows for accurate analysis and rapid response to negative incidents in order to, for example, minimize possible financial losses. Thanks to statistical analysis of, among others, customer transactions and the implementation of appropriate algorithms, it is possible to detect single fraud cases.

Building customer relations/ loyalty programs

In the context of loyalty programs, it is important to reach a specific target group of clients and create adequate marketing campaigns. Owing to that, it is possible to optimize the whole marketing process with regard to the costs of a conducted campaign, contact with customers and resources allocation.

Using data mining processes it is possible to obtain information concerning customers’ needs and expectations and to evaluate the effectiveness of customer acquisition. By specifying customers’ preferences and habits, it is also possible to identify their patterns of behavior.

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