What are Comarch IoT Devices?

Comarch IoT Devices are linked to the Comarch IoT Platform through various wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, 3G, Thread, and others. Every smart IoT device carries a digital identity used for its identification in the network. Thanks to that, the system gathers real-time data from Comarch IoT Devices at any location and point in time. Comarch IoT Devices solution line consists of Comarch beacon, Comarch Industrial beacon, Comarch IoT Hub and Comarch Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module.

Comarch smart IoT Devices Chosen Features

Comarch smart IoT Devices

Comarch IoT Hub devices

Comarch IoT Hub acts as a bridge between connected devices and Comarch IoT Platform. It enables secure and reliable short distance communication, distributed control and remote device management through a single device. The support of leading connectivity protocols provides interoperability and creates new possibilities for the business to offer smart services.

Comarch IoT Hub

Comarch Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module

Comarch BLE module helps to transform nearly every product into a smart, connected device by bringing connectivity to its embedded design. Thanks to that, the data collected from the smart device can be sent via Comarch IoT Hub or any device that supports BLE directly to Comarch IoT Platform. That allows for extensive data analysis, as well as remote control and management of the connected devices.

Comarch BLE module

Comarch Beacon

Comarch Beacon is a compact BLE device broadcasting a radio signal, readable by smartphones. Mobile application combined with Comarch IoT Platform delivers personalized, location-based content directly to the customer. The main goal of Comarch beacon technology is to improve customer’s experience anytime and anywhere thanks to two variants of Comarch beacon device - standard and industrial versions.

Comarch Beacons

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