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Banks and other financial institutions

Comarch SME Banking is a digital banking platform built for financial institutions that cater to small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform provides support for business owners in managing accounts of different types, making local and international payments, consolidating balances, or managing invoices.

Comarch SME Banking creates a comprehensive ecosystem to serve the needs of SMEs. Combining best-in-class transaction banking with accounting or invoicing in the cloud, it is a one-stop shop for financial solutions that entrepreneurs need.

One vendor - full suite of services

It is a single platform that integrates transaction banking and pre-integrated solutions available in the cloud so you can create innovative services for SMEs and bring real value to your offering.

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quote As a consequence of the complex needs of small business owners, SMEs are increasingly turning to challenger banks, FinTechs or non-financial institutions to service their financial needs.

The future of SME Banking, EY

How does Comarch SME Banking work?


Let SMEs manage a wide range of banking products and services without having to purchase additional systems that support cash pooling or credits & loans individually. Benefit from a quick 6-month deployment of a new digital cash & liquidity management suite.

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Embrace new capabilities that go beyond transaction banking. Handle specific SME-driven business needs with out-of-the-box fintech solutions and simply plug them into transaction banking.

 cloud services for SMEs


When your business needs to grow, quickly extend the platform with new modules and features thanks to a reliable API.

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SME Banking Ecosystem
SME Banking Ecosystem
Solution overview Comarch SME Banking
Solution overview Comarch SME Banking
SME Banking webinar
SME Banking webinar
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What is the SME banking system?

Transaction Banking

SMEs using and taking advantages of Comarch SME Banking solutions make significant improvements in their finance management systems. Software developed by Comarch supports all of the essential and major functions related to these fields, making sure that capital funding staying behind business is in good hands. What extensive services does Comarch supply? Cash Management & Reporting is a primary aid in making cash flow smoothly. It contains a unified dashboard, which supports a whole variety of multi-currency banking devices, such as cheques, deposits and cards. All of them have connection to great data-gathering engines, generating instant profits while searching the information we need. Not to mention that the whole work related to data administration becomes much more time-saving and efficient.

SME finance software

SME banking also relies on a comprehensible, competent Self-Administration system. Management should be based on transparent and unambiguous assumptions, leading to a reduction in the operating cost while controlling SME finance components, such as users, privileges, etc. Safety is also a fundamental factor in the SME banking software. The solutions provided by Comarch ensure that your SME finance is well-protected. PSD2-compliant authentication methods guarantee transaction security during every stage of an operation.

The reliable and well-known Comarch corporate banking system is widely used around the globe. With 4 000 000 registered users worldwide and 87% of end-users stating that the software fully met their expectations, you can be sure that your SME is in good hands.


  • Cash pooling, cards, deposits, cheques – online access to multiple banking products with a single login
  • Data exchange automation for extremely fast and convenient processing of large amounts of data
  • Multi-banking feature to let bank customers aggregate information on accounts held in different banks

customer analytics


  • Google-like search engine to let your customers quickly find the information they need
  • Bulk payment processing – packages containing tens of thousands of payments executed within seconds
  • Asynchronous import & export – large files processed in the background, no downtime
  • Support for local and international payments and easy management of counterparties



  • One central place to let SMEs manage users, privileges, notifications, devices, and more
  • Easy payment limit setup to help SMEs keep track of their finances
  • Fine-grained access control to companies, accounts, and system features and flexible approval workflows with per-account and per-product limits

counterparty managment


  • Mass transactions within thumb's reach - authorized with just a few taps
  • All the balances, deposits and loans clearly readable on small screens thanks to optimum system operation on a range of devices
  • Instant creation of new invoices on the go
  • Counterparty and product management to quickly respond to business needs
  • Full control over outstanding invoices thanks to automatic notification

mobile banking

SME Business Zone

Expand your bank product portfolio with a range of pre-integrated solutions available in the cloud and bring real value to your offering. Let your SMEs manage a wide range of products and services from a single platform. Support them with tools and services that increase their loyalty and convenience.




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  • Convenient access to documents – users can easily create, track, manage, and reconcile VAT invoices, pro forma invoices, advance invoices, and more
  • Configurable templates for document printouts to create customized invoices
  • One central place to manage company customers, suppliers, and products
  • Automated bookkeeping capabilities to considerably trim down the time spent on repetitive financial tasks

add sales invoice


  • Online warehouse to automatically keep control of stock levels to prevent the sale of unavailable products
  • Ready-to-deploy online store templates
  • Built-in tool for running an online store and managing the entire sales process

add product


  • Comprehensive and up-to-date reporting that can be easily set up by dragging and dropping required items
  • Data-driven business decisions thanks to easy-to-read reports
  • Data-based findings allowing business owners to take full control over their company’s finances and respond quickly to changes
  • Automatic, adjustable reports based on customer settings

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quote Among many billing tools, the most intuitive. All functions given. Good service as a final touch.

Marco Timpe, NRWiT, Germany

quote The program is immediately available after registration and it does not require installation.

Clementine Girard, Diamant Noir, France

quote Clear and intuitive interface, powerful, and even attractively priced as a cloud solution-suitable for our company!

Daniel Sabler, Exotic-Importz, Germany

Grow and expand

Easily create and launch new features, services, or applications.

Comarch SME Banking is easily extendable to let it keep pace with your bank's business needs. Quickly roll out new services to cater to your customers in the best way you can. Select some of our pre-integrated cloud-based apps or add custom ones. The platform allows you to add new services by means of various extension levels.

grow and expand
Benefits for your bank
  • Quick time-to-market (6 months) with hassle-free integration across desktops, mobiles, and even wearables
  • All-in-one: no need to purchase additional systems supporting cash pooling or credits & loans individually
  • Staff cost and human error trimmed down, thanks to extensive ‘self-service’ mode
  • New convenient customer services, collaborative browsing, and self-onboarding included
  • Pre-integrated invoicing and accounting features to address the unique needs of SMEs
Benefits for SMEs
  • Included automation of routine activities associated with running a business, bulk payments, and approval workflows 
  • All data on company or user operations at hand: transfers, credit card limit changes, loan repayments, and more
  • Online store allowing SMEs to apply for various products with just a few clicks
  • More control over day-to-day business activities (leading to less workload for your RMs)
  • Seamless financial services: bookkeeping and invoicing on the go
  • Embedded data analytics to help SMEs make business decisions based on comprehensive reports
Benefits for your bank’s IT department

Modern system architecture

  • Modular system: separate modules interacting with each other through unified APIs
  • Each front- and back-end component testable independently
  • Additional modules and access channels to complement the default system version
  • DevOps tools for continuous delivery and fast deployment
  • Comarch Identity & Access Management (CIAM) included to ensure the highest level of security

Easy integration projects

  • Open architecture, high configurability, and on-site support
  • Customized integration layer to meet a banks’ individual requirements
  • Vast experience integrating with multiple core banking systems: Flexcube, T24, Profile, Midas, Equation, ICBS, and more
  • Supported integration methods: MQ, JMS, REST, FTP, and more
Comarch Corporate Banking at ING

For us, the most important factors of IT projects are innovation, consistency and predictability. Comarch is a proven, reliable partner with vast potential and highly competitive products. What is also significant, Comarch as a banking and finance market consolidator has extensive experience and know-how which brings real added value to projects carried out for the bank. The signed agreement gives us great flexibility in adapting to changing business needs and helps shape our future partnership.

Mariusz Bondarczuk - CIO, ING Bank Śląski, bout Comarch banking solutions


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