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SMEs using and taking advantages of Comarch SME Banking solutions make significant improvement in their finance management system. Software developed by Comarch supports all of the essential and major functions related to these fields, making sure that capital funding staying behind business is in good hands. What considerable services are supplied by Comarch? Cash Management & Reporting is a primary aid in order to make fluent cash flow. It contains unified dashboard, which supports the whole variety of multi-currency banking devices - such as cheques, deposits and cards, all of these with connection to great data-gathering engines, generating instant profits while searching the information we need. Not to mention that the whole work related to data administration becomes much more time-saving and efficient.

SME finance software

SME banking also relies on comprehensible, competent Self-Administration system. Management should be based on transparent and unambiguous assumptions, leading to reduce in the operating cost while controlling SME finance components, such as users, privileges etc. The Safety is also a fundamental factor in SME banking software. The solutions provided by Comarch ensure that your SME finance is well protected. PSD2-compliant authentication methods guarantee transaction security during every stage of an operation.

Reliable and well-known Comarch corporate banking system is widely used in the whole world. With the 4000000 registered users worldwide and 87 percent end-users stating that the software fully met their expectations, you can be sure that your SME is in good hands.

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What is the SME banking system?


  • Online access to multiple banking products from a single login, with one dashboard to manage all transfer types
  • Data exchange automation for extremely fast and convenient processing of large amounts of data


  • One central place to let SMEs manage users, privileges, notifications, devices, and more
  • Easy payment limit setup to help SMEs keep track of their finances


  • Individual configuration of user rights for any person within the organization
  • Fast access to user profiles, product mapping, account settings, security schemes and approval workflows


  • Mass transactions within thumb's reach - authorized with just a few taps
  • All the balances, deposits and loans clearly readable on small screens thanks to optimum system operation on a range of devices


  • Dedicated tool for bank employees to help them build and maintain meaningful bank-customer relationships
  • Real-time collaboration: screen sharing allowing RMs to walk customer through an operation

Benefits for your bank

  • Quick time-to-market (6 months) with hassle-free integration across desktops, mobiles, even wearables
  • All-in-one: no need to purchase additional systems supporting cash pooling or credits & loans individually
  • Staff cost and human error trimmed down thanks to extensive ‘self-service’ mode
  • New, convenient customer services, collaborative browsing and self-onboarding included

Benefits for SMEs

  • Automation of routine activities associated with running a business, bulk payments and approval workflows included
  • All data on company or user operations at hand: transfers, credit card limit changes, loan repayments, and more
  • Online store allowing SMEs to apply for various products with just a few clicks
  • More control over day-to-day business activities (leading to less workload for your RMs

Benefits for your bank’s IT department

Modern system architecture
    • Modular system : separate modules interacting with each other through unified APIs
    • Each front- and back-end component testable independently
    • Additional modules and access channels to complement the default system version
    • DevOps tools for continuous delivery and fast deployment
    • Comarch Identity & Access Management (CIAM) included to ensure highest security level
Easy integration projects
  • Open architecture, high configurability and on-site support
  • Customized integration layer to meet banks’ individual requirements
  • Vast experience integrating with multiple core banking systems: Flexcube, T24, Profile, Midas, Equation, ICBS, and more
  • Supported integration methods: MQ, JMS, REST, FTP and more

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