Comarch Custody

Comarch Custody is a modern back-office system for post-trade operations carried out by custodian banks. As a comprehensive custody software, Comarch Custody covers all functions required by custodians operating on domestic and foreign markets:

  • Settlement & clearing
  • Safekeeping
  • Asset servicing
  • Client & regulatory reporting
  • Automated data exchange
  • Billing & taxation

With Comarch Custody back-office system you will be able to run a back-office in a cost-effective way, providing retail and corporate clients with an A to Z service and effectively competing with other custodians on ever-changing capital markets.

Key business advantages

Connectivity standards

SWIFT and ISO 20022 messages for a fully automated data exchange with CSDs, CCPs and clients

Internal accounting engine

Multi-status chart of accounts with double entry rule, allowing for full tracking of assets under custody

Customizable data processing

Records and processing rules can be adapted to local regulations, operating models and your internal procedures

Hassle-free data access

Smooth extract of data on assets and operations with the use of database views, web-services or user-defined extracts

Flexible financial settlement modes

DVP or independent financial settlement (gross or net), with booking schemes and interfaces adjusted to local regulations and financial systems in use

Modern functions for securities settlement regime

Hold-release, netting, partial settlement, linking and settlement tolerance leading to less risky settlement processes thanks to securities back-office system

Wide range of data interfaces to bank systems

Core financial system, client database, e-custody, market data, AML, DWH, taxation and billing interfaces for an automated data exchange in the online or batch mode

Multi-entity approach

Option for global custodians with a network of branches to use the same system for processing operations on a local or global level


custody features

  • Stock exchange transactions, OTC trades and securities financing operations on domestic and foreign markets

  • Segregated and omnibus accounts at CSD or custodian level including account operator model and beneficial owners disclosure – so you can chose the optimum model with respect to regulations, costs and client needs

  • Support for equities, bonds, T-bills, commercial papers, fund units, rights and exchange traded derivatives

  • Multi-market, multi-currency and multi-language approach to let you service domestic and international clients and instruments

  • Broad range of corporate actions, with automated notifications and instruction processing, accounting and tax calculations with regards to DTT rates, client classification and income type

  • SWIFT, ISO 20022 and proprietary data exchange formats in STP mode


custody features

• Client, internal and regulatory reporting, with wide range of statements and reports available as printouts, files or data warehouse feeds and a report management tool to let you schedule report creation

• Invoicing process with negotiable fee tables, flexible fee calculation engine, invoice management and automatic bank and intermediary fee collection

• Analytical dashboard to see operation and position statistics, monitor system work, manage STP exceptions and react on situations that require some extra attention

• Web interface allowing users to access the system via web-browsers and minimizing the maintenance problems

• Single sign-on support with advanced security standards, user profiles, four eyes rule and audit trails to secure business data and track user actions

• Customization of reference data, trade processing workflows, interfaces and reporting coming by default to suit your specific requirements

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Comarch Custody is a system that follows market standards and cater to your clients in the best way possible. A wide array of functions to choose from will suit your needs regardless of your operating model, scale of operations, legal framework and IT environment. And if by any chance you feel that some areas of your custody software are not covered or need customization, do not hesitate to tell us. We’re always ready to adjust our  custody system to match your requirements perfectly.