Corporate banking software

Comarch Corporate Banking is a business banking software designed and built specifically for corporations and SMEs. It offers tailored features, ease-of-use and state-of-the-art security for each business segment. Our corporate banking software is a response to continuously growing customer needs. Owing to a modular structure, it is ready to be implemented in any configuration. Having Comarch Corporate Banking in place, banks will strongly differentiate themselves among rivals. Thanks to applied solutions, modularity and wide customization options, our platform meets the expectations of even the most demanding banks. Looking for commercial banking software? Look no further.

Key business advantages

Full range of functional modules
Extensive set of products and services under one seamless platform; consistent user interfaces across all products and modules
Improved business management
A multitude of reporting, automation of business processes
Omnichannel access
Full control of operations via the internet (transaction banking system), mobile (finance management tool), and web services (bulk payment tool)
State-of-the-art safety
Comarch Corporate Banking can be used along with microprocessor cards, OTPs, mobile tokens, PKI, even biometry-based authentication method
Highly flexible mechanism of approval workflows
Mirroring even the most complex corporate structures with two or three authorization levels
Automated data exchange
Creation and authorization of transfer batches directly in customers’ ERP systems. No need to manually perform time-consuming data extracts prone to human error
Open architecture
Easy integration with various core banking systems and other back-office solutions
Proven track record
Implementations in world-renowned banking groups on three continents

Corporate banking software modules

Cash management

The module allows corporates to handle their finances quickly and intuitively due to a comprehensive view of account balances and instant access to a full scope of products and services. All types of transfers can be managed from a uniform dashboard: domestic, foreign, SEPA, or ACH ones as well as cheques or cash pooling, which ensures a complete situation overview from one, central place


Rich multibanking features allowing not only for a preview of overseas accounts, but also their management and remote transfer execution. MT101 transactions or MT94X statements can be sent and received in just a few simple clicks. The aggregated view provides corporates with a uniform and complete overview of their finances across banks - regardless of currency, country or time zone. Own group of accounts can be created as needed, and then arranged by region, currency, company, project, or any other criterion preferred. The aggregated balances function lets corporates better plan their expenses and manage financial situation more efficiently.

Credits, loans, cards & deposits

Take advantage of loan management and monitoring. Keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to card usage and credit limits. Open and terminate term deposits as you please. Save time and money thanks to having all basic products in one place

Trade finance

With the Trade finance module corporates can not only navigate effortlessly between guarantees, letters of credit and collections, but also preview, attach, download and manage trade documentation. Or: issue a request for payment and accept discrepancies. All in one, end-to-end.

Corporate Banking

FX dealing

Online currency quotes based on real-time exchange rates from Reuters coupled with real-time transactions and future contracts like FX Forward, NDF or FX Swap. Possibility to set up margin levels for various customer segments or individual margin ranges for selected clients.

Electronic invoices

Managing invoices is a repetitive, complex and time consuming process. The system automatically sends invoices and reconciles incoming payments, thus considerably speeding up both processes for both payer and payee. The service may be combined with factoring, credit products or mass collect.

Customer analytics

Providing corporates with accurate cash flow forecasts through calculations of planned expenditures and installments as well as evaluations of future incoming payments – all leading to more effective management of balances and cash positions.


Thanks to its modularity, achieved with smart programming, Comarch Corporate Banking can be tailored to meet the requirements and expectations of any given bank, regardless of its region, policy and business profile. Each financial institution can thus select products and services being the best fit for its business strategy. At the same time, new modules can be quickly added to the mix if need be.

Our success stories

Comarch’s internet banking software aimed at banks’ business customers is a mature, refined product that marked its presence on the market several years ago. Since then, it was implemented in the largest banking groups in numerous countries across three continents, proving its worth as a handy and flexible banking solution for SMEs and corporations.

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