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About Livelo Brasil

Livelo Brasil was founded in 2014. The company was launched to consolidate programs and points issued by two of the three largest banks in Brazil. It was born from the partnership between Bradesco and Banco do Brasil. Livelo began operations in 2016 with the objective of offering Brazilian consumers the best experience in redeeming points for loyalty program customers. Today it is one of the largest loyalty programs in Brazil, that includes a dynamic and robust e-commerce platform, allowing Livelo to understand the behavior of customers.

Their more than 16 million customers can compare prices and redeem points in more than 700 thousand products and services, search for tickets in more than 750 airlines, travel packages, car rentals in the online travel agency or transfer their points to the other major loyalty programs in Brazil. In addition to the B2C approach, towards the end of 2017, Livelo launched a B2B program, Livelo Incentivo, which through partnerships with external companies, extends the loyalty program benefits, enabling those companies to award employees with Livelo points as a sales incentive.


Livelo was looking for an innovative IT platform that would help the company in becoming the most dynamic redemption option and leading coalition in Brazil. The goal was to manage all aspects of their members´ transactions and profile information, as well as the complex billing with accrual and redemption partners.

The key challenges that Comarch and Livelo faced were:

  • aggressive deadline to launch a new and improved loyalty program
  • different business rules for each accrual partner (point types and transactions) in a single program
  • “Big Bang” data migration with no impact to customers of two of the largest banks in Brazil
  • work integrated with Agile method and selected vendor of Livelo’s blueprint systems


Thanks to implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management, Livelo gained the following benefits:

  • user data migration from the primary partners with multiple customer data levels (Livelo´s Master Data)
  • dynamic user attributes and tiers
  • custom rules for authentication process and fraud prevention
  • distinct and custom billing and processing rules for each partner
  • many partners merged in to a single Livelo account
  • different kind of points in terms of expiration, hierarchy, cost & liability
    customized billing rules (post-paid, pre-paid & split fee)
  • customized processing and billing for Livelo´s product (cash + points, membership subscription, points renewed & purchase)
  • custom automatic billing reconciliation with redemption partners
  • multi-channel for redemption (i.e.: website, mobile, ATM & banks POS)


The project was started in November 2014. Thanks to the strong cooperation and flexibility of Comarch project team, the implementation went as Livelo expected and finished according to schedule. Project was finished within nine months. Comarch ensured integration with existing client systems including: campaign management system (IBM UNIQA), e-commerce (ORACLE ATG), third-party Mobile App, SAP Finance, Livelo Taxa Online, Fast Shop S.A. The Comarch team also migrated over 16 million customer accounts. Comarch provided on-site support and maintenance services, dedicated program manager and on-site trainings.

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Remarks from Livelo Brasil

We want to „re-signify” the value that the points can have in the life of the Brazilian consumer. we come to the market to show what points can be much more than products and services, but experiences that can actually mean  a reward for the consumer."

Mauro Bizatto
Marketing and Product Director

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