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"Ah, Galeries Lafayette is a mixture of old and new, of history and modernity." This phrase, coined by Laetitia Segonzac, Director of Customer Experience, sums up the vision that anyone can have of Galeries Lafayette. With a presence in France and abroad, Galeries Lafayette, a specialist in fashion and commerce for over 125 years, represents the very spirit of department stores. From accessories to decoration, buying at Galeries Lafayette is above all a unique experience.

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Galeries Lafayette & BHV / Marais

125 years
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1st European department stores'
in terms of sales

An omnichannel loyalty program by design 

Offering accessible, premium and luxury brands, Galeries Lafayette is committed to providing the same customer experience to all. From the outset, the loyalty programme, which is common to both Galeries Lafayette and BHV/Marais, was designed to be seamless.

“Today, customers make no difference between our shops, our website and the intermediary paths where you start with digital and end up in the shop and vice versa," says Laetitia. This is both a business and a technical challenge, which implies a real understanding of cross-channel customer behaviour on the one hand and of the Information System on the other. A choice that is now paying off.

An omnichannel loyalty program by design

Comarch's choice

The Loyalty Marketing Platform quickly emerged as the most appropriate solution to meet the retailer's ambitions of backing the loyalty program with a platform that was robust and functionally rich enough to remain agile and allow for daily reinvention. At the same time, the marketing teams wanted to be able to be independent in setting up and launching campaigns. "The Loyalty Marketing Platform is a tool that adapts to both us, business, marketing sides and also to the shops who spend their lives on it to answer all the customer's questions."

More than a simple client/service provider relationship, Comarch and Galeries Lafayette have succeeded in building over the years a strong partnership based on success and exchange around the loyalty program. And Laetitia adds "We have this bond of trust with Comarch that allows us to go to the end of this mechanism, this side always more, go fast and do well, it's a real plus that we have with Comarch.

Customer Engagement Platform

We needed a platform that was solid enough,
with advanced features, to allow for that agility and daily reinvention."

Daily support

Comarch is committed to providing Galeries Lafayette teams with constant support in the implementation of dedicated actions. Solène Barbey, Senior Loyalty Project Manager, talks about the relationship with Comarch on a daily basis: "We arrive with a need and a request that is usually for yesterday. And afterwards, we have this trust relationship with Comarch that allows us to go to the end of this mechanism, this side always more, go fast and do well, it's a real plus that we have with Comarch."

This support makes sense when sharing best practices from Comarch projects with other actors or in other sectors. And conversely, Galeries Lafayette comes to feed and enrich Comarch's reflections on the possible evolutions of the solution and of loyalty in general. A win-win relationship, thought on the long term and at the service of the customer experience.

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