Loyalty Marketing Platform for
Fuel Retail

AI-powered tools, recommended by leading fuel companies, that can help you increase customer spend, prevent customer churn, and drive growth

Who are our clients?

  • ExxonMobile

What challenges does
the platform help solve

  • B2C, B2B (fleet), Coalition & Multi-Country Program Support

    Comarch’s platform allows you to run your loyalty program in all the models mentioned. Our platform includes dedicated features that will allow you to set up programs quickly and effectively for different needs – individual drivers (B2C), fleet (B2B), coalition and multi-county programs.

  • A mobile application that sells, taking CX to the next level

    Ready-to-use front ends with fuel-specific payment and m-commerce capabilities such as Pay-at-the-Pump or Click & Collect will get you a smooth CX and boost your sales.

  • A pre-integrated platform with Fuel tech environment

    Reduce the time and cost of integrations. Our platform is pre-reintegrated with leading fuel tech providers: Pump, POS, ERP, Payment gateways and more.

  • Ready-to-use Mobility & Sustainability Features

    Follow your customers and build a CX-based on carbon offset programs. Offer green subscriptions, green badges, reward eco-driving, and donations to green activities. Recognize and delight your EV drivers.

    Tools that will help you get drivers to choose your stations

    Industry-ready features that will greatly improve your loyalty performance

    What Makes the Core of our Solution?

    Learn more about the four main modules of the Comarch Loyalty Marketing Platform 

    Loyalty Management

    Design and launch engaging loyalty programs & rewards campaigns to build long-lasting relationships with your customers

    Use AI to influence customer behavior – with features like next-best offers or advanced promotion and rewarding schemes, you can up your marketing strategy and change the way consumers interact with your brand. Connect with third-party software with ease thanks to an Open API and batch interfaces.

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    Loyalty Management

    Marketing Automation

    Build and visualize personalized customer journeys with sent-time messages and channel optimization

    Use our MA tools to create and run marketing campaigns based on past customer behavior (AI/ML), as well as to send time or event-related email, push, and SMS messages to your clients. Receive key recommendations on when and where to deliver your content

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    Marketing Automation

    Data Analytics

    Optimize and personalize your marketing campaigns & loyalty programs using our advanced AI models & ML technology

    Get our data analytics tools to personalize your offers and promotions, predict future customer interactions, and improve your communication with clients thanks to detailed campaign statistics, various reporting modules, and multi-dimensional customer segmentations.

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    Data Analytics

    Omnichannel Marketing Applications

    Get your hands on a dedicated set of frontend applications to improve interactions with loyalty program members

    Design, launch, and manage your website and mobile applications to follow the principles of the omnichannel communication strategy. Gain access to a customer care portal, where you can verify and update information on any given program member.  

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    Customer Touchpoints

    and Be Ready to Go in No Time

    Thanks to our industry expertise, you can combine our loyalty management system with your existing tech stack and launch your loyalty program in no time. And remember, if needed, you can always get us or one of our trusted partners to develop custom integrations over API.

    Loyalty Platform Integrations

    • We have built a truly trustful relationship with Comarch and I am pleased to see all local BP branches satisfied with this relationship. The work we have done together has fully satisfied our expectations and by this I mean on a global and local level. Comarch’s specialists have huge experience and are always full of innovative ideas on how to make the program even better and more attractive.

      Oliver Martinet
      Marketing Director at BP Europe

    • The goal was to create an inclusive ecosystem that would help the client save and benefit in every aspect of day to day life. With assistance from Comarch the Enoc loyalty team was able to create a convenient loyalty programme of collaborating partners all across the middle east rewarding every customer for their refueling or shopping experience. The Yes app is accessible and easy to navigate towards exciting and instant rewards.

      Suryaveer Singh
      Head of Loyalty, Enoc

    • With Comarch Loyalty Management we are using a tool that, based on one IT platform, allows each country to adapt the program SMILE & DRIVE to its market specific needs. Using the same scope of functionalities, program rules and parameters can be adapted in such a way that in each country specific points’ rules and promotions can be put in place.

      Project Manager at OMV

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