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Choose the right e-Invoicing platform that:

  • Streamlines and automates all AP/AR invoicing processes
  • Ensures compliance with the latest legal regulations and connections to governmental platforms
  • Facilitates secure, highly efficient document exchange with your business partners, suppliers, and clients
  • Complies with modern standards for data transfer, designed to automatically validate and convert every invoice sent or received

e-Invoicing platform

  • Stay Current with e-Invoice Regulations

    Ensure content integrity, origin authenticity, and legibility.

    Comarch e-Invoicing empowers global companies by ensuring compliance in over 60 countries around the world. The platform guarantees the secure exchange of e-invoices, confirming their originality, authenticity, and legibility. Additionally, it’s compatible with government platforms and e-invoicing standards worldwide.

  • International e-Invoicing

    Transform your e-invoice exchange with Comarch’s centralized solution and enhance control over your processes.

    Comarch's e-invoicing system provides companies with a centralized platform for e-invoice exchange, regardless of where the company operates and where its customer or supplier is located. Comarch’s solution offers a multilingual service point, the ability to work in various countries, and provides secure access to essential data, including archives.

  • Seamless Integration

    Experience quick and easy integration, streamlined supply chain automation, and disruption-free e-invoicing.

    The Comarch e-Invoicing platform comprehensively integrates internal and external data with suppliers, customers, logisticians, service providers, and more. It fully automates the supply chain and e-invoicing processes with minimal interruption to existing business processes and without the need to replace existing systems. Leveraging AI, Comarch e-Invoicing speeds up the process of translating various document formats, ensuring error-free processing.

    Our solution can be integrated with any invoicing system, including: SAP, AccountMate, Intaact, Dynacom, Epicor, NetSuite, Sage, Exact, Infor, Intuit QuickBooks, JD EDWARDS, Lawson, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion, and many more.

  • Data Security with AI-Powered Fraud Detection

    Optimize your invoicing process for data consistency and security.

    Comarch’s platform ensures content validation, correct invoice formatting, secure data transfer, and real-time invoice status tracking. Our e-invoicing solution streamlines AP/AR processes using advanced workflows, while enhancing efficiency and minimizing document handling costs. Our commitment to the highest security standards and data encryption prevents the unauthorized use of information.

    Comarch e-Invoicing utilizes advanced AI and ML to identify patterns that can signal fraudulent activity, detect anomalies, and predict potential fraud, ensuring the security and integrity of your financial data.

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    Get the most out of digitalization with Comarch e-Invoicing

    E-Invoicing compliance

    The Comarch e-Invoicing platform is a constantly updated solution designed to easily navigate daily invoicing operations across multiple countries. It remains adaptable to changes in the law, ensuring continuous usability.

    We aim to efficiently manage and archive all sent and received invoices in compliance with legal retention periods.

    E-Invoicing compliance solution

    B2G and B2B e-invoicing

    Our integration with local government platforms (e.g., KSeF in Poland, SDI in Italy, Chorus Pro in France, TRA in Turkey, SEFAZ in Brazil, and more) and membership in OpenPEPPOL as a certified Peppol Access Point ensures fast and reliable electronic document exchange with public administration units and businesses on the PEPPOL network.

    e-invoicing B2G and B2B

    Partner onboarding

    Our comprehensive technical and business support ensures continuous communication with all business partners. With over 30 years of IT experience, we guarantee a robust implementation strategy and top-quality step-by-step support, including seamless onboarding.

    Take advantage of our self-onboarding tools, supported by informative campaigns and KPI monitoring.

    e-Invoicing key benefits

    Service desk

    Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced service desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards. Our team is available around the clock to address any issues promptly and deliver practical solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs, upholding our commitment to excellence.

    e-Invoicing key benefits

    Project management

    Experienced managers are assigned to specific projects so they can supervise every stage of the implementation process – initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization – and make sure that the end configuration meets your company’s needs.

    e-Invoicing project management

    Take your electronic invoicing to the next level

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    Features and Capabilities of Comarch e-Invoicing Platform

    Accounts Payable Management

    Comarch e-Invoicing streamlines the processing of invoices received in various formats, leveraging multiple input sources, including:

    • EDI invoicing: Designed for technologically advanced business partners, enabling seamless integration within a business network.
    • E-Invoicing portal: An intuitive and user-friendly web portal for your small suppliers, facilitating rapid adoption of 100% electronic invoicing.
    • Email and mail (scanning): Automated indexing, powered by OCR engines, significantly reduces time spent on invoice registration.
    • Membership in OpenPEPPOL and certified PEPPOL Access Point: Integration and exchange of documents with government platforms.

    Accounts Payable Management - Features and Capabilities of e-Invoicing Platform

    Accounts Receivable Management

    Comarch’s experience in formatting, routing, and handling e-invoices allows for efficient invoice issuance based on ERP system data gathering. The e-invoicing platform enables the following:

    • Conversion of documents from their original form to several formats required by your customers.
    • Distribution via various channels, such as EDI integration, portal, or email.
    • Document distribution monitoring through a dedicated application.

    Accounts Receivable Management - Features of e-Invoicing Platform

    Comarch E-Archive

    The Comarch e-Invoicing system includes a module that enables users to store and manage all invoices, both sent and received, for the legally required period. The platform also incorporates functionalities supporting seamless audit processes, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory invoicing requirements.

    Data management in e-Invoicing system

    What Makes Comarch e-Invoicing Unique?

    Comarch assists companies in navigating the complex world of everyday processes, overcoming challenges in legal compliance for electronic invoicing, deploying global e-invoicing projects, and, most importantly, understanding local regulations.

    • Seamless integration with existing ERP or financial systems without disruption
    • Comprehensive support for Periodic Transaction Controls (PTC)
    • Decentralized and centralized CTC Invoicing, and Invoice Data Reporting
    • Interoperability – if required in case no legal framework exists
    • Streamlined document lifecycle monitoring, previews, and user-friendly dashboards for easy access to data and reporting
    • AI/ML technology accelerates data processing by both preventing fraud and ensuring consistent translation across various document formats
    • Robust features, including digital signatures, tokens, QR codes, and long-term digital archiving
    • Support for e-invoicing processes in the countries where the client operates
    • In countries of relevance – certified e-invoicing processes and PEPPOL Access Point
    • Conversion of invoice data to all formats required by the client's business partner(s)
    • The highest security standards and data encryption to prevent unauthorized use of information
    • Expertise in the legal and commercial challenges of e-invoicing on a global scale

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