E-Invoicing in Spain

Mandatory Electronic Invoicing in Spain

Learn how to get your company ready to exchange documents in accordance with regulations in Spain with the support of Comarch

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Who is obliged to use e‑Invoicing in Spain

Spanish has mandatory e-invoicing for transaction higher than 5,000 EUR with public entities  from 2015. B2B mandatory e-invoicing will be implemented partially, taking into considaration taxpayers turnover and  time when technical specifications and regulations are approved.

Implementation timeline

Implementation timeline is as follows:

  • 2024 - mandatory e-invoicing for taxpayers with turnover higher than 8 mln EUR
  • 2025 - mandatory e-invoicing for the rest of the entrepreneurs and professionals 

Characteristics of the e-invoicing in Spain

What is the required format of an e-invoice?

For B2G relations appropriate is Facturae – XML based national standard (used in association with an eSignature following the XAdES standard).

FACeB2B is a platform allowing B2B electronic invoicing (available since June 2018)

Archiving requirements for e‑Invoicing in Spain

Required storage period is 6 years

How integrity and authenticity may be ensured?

Integrity and authenticity may be ensure for instance by Qualified Electronic Signature or Advanced Electronic Signature based on a Qualified Certificate (without SSCD)

How can we help?

Comarch is connected to the B2G FACe platform and to some local platforms (as for example OSAKIDETZA in the Basque Country). Comarch plans to provide full coverage of the upcoming b2b mandate.

Why is Comarch the best choice?

We have 20+ years of experience in carrying out various EDI, e-invoicing, and other document exchange projects around the world. In those years, we have successfully connected more than 130,000 entities from over 60 countries.

  • 1. Legal compliance

    Full compliance with the latest data exchange regulations and modern data transfer standards

  • 2. Digitization

    Applying new technologies and IT solutions in order to streamline workflows and automate activities and procedures

  • 3. Individual approach

    Tailor-made solutions based on processes specific to each company – own road map and a suitable pace of changes

  • 4.Security

    Highest level of security for all sensitive and important company data

    Legal regulation changes in Spain

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