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Heinz is one of the world’s most popular food brands, associated with quality and taste, and has been present on the market for over 150 years. Since 1997, HJ Heinz Polska Sp. z o.o. has been owned by the American group Heinz, focusing on the production of tomato products (ketchup and concentrate) and vegetables (peas, beans and corn).


HJ Heinz Polska Sp. z o.o. has been cooperating with Comarch in the field of electronic data interchange (EDI) since 2003. With the passage of time, this cooperation was expanded to include the electronic invoice archiving service, and monitoring the flow of electronic documents. In 2019, HJ Heinz Polska decided to take an important step towards organizing basic data, by launching the Comarch MDM Application.

Basic data were previously shared between the buyer and seller by email, Excel or phone calls. However, with recipients requiring more and more parameters describing products, the degree of complexity in data management increased. Naturally, this generated a lot of mistakes, which often resulted in invoicing errors.


The Comarch MDM application comes with the help of system verification of master data. This enables the introduction and generation of product cards and their publication in accordance with the requirements of the owner and recipient of the data. Importantly, Comarch MDM is a certificated catalog of products operating within the GDSN network. Thus, with Comarch MDM you can manage product data and exchange this information with trading partners in the supply chain around the world.

HJ Heinz Polska Sp. z o.o. is currently set up to send product cards to Carrefour Polska via the Comarch MDM Application and to exchange basic data on a larger scale.

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Comarch Master Data Management

A cloud-based, GDSN certified data pool that allows you to organize, verify, manage, and maintain business-relevant information with ease - providing various data input methods, data enrichment, approval workflows, integration possibilities, and much more.

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Remarks from Kraft Heinz

We recommend Comarch solutions, including Comarch MDM, as modern solutions that meet the expectations of customers."

Sławomir Kowalski
Customer Service Supervisor, Kraftheinz Poland
Anita Tomaszewska
Junior Key Account Manager, Kraftheinz Poland

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