Implementation of Comarch EDI at Balconi

About Balconi

Balconi - S.p.A. – Industria Dolciaria is a leading confectionery manufactur-er specializing in the production of snacks, cakes, rolls, wafers and biscuits. Balconi was founded as a family organization in Milan in 1953, with one vision: to create high-quality, tasty and simple products made from wholesome ingredients. Specializing in sponge cake, Balconi evolved from a traditional kitchen to an international confectionery manufacturer that produces in Italy but sells in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Balconi’s vision has remained the same: “tastiness stems from quality”. Always putting quality and genuineness at the forefront, Balconi uses only ingredients of high quality without genetic modification, preservatives or artificial coloring.

Balconi carefully checks all ingredients, semi-finished and finished prod-ucts, as well as the manufacturing environment. It maintains BRC, IFS, ISO 9001:2015, Kosher, UTZ-MB, RSPO-MB and Bio certifications at national and international level, proving attention to quality and commitment to people.

Business objective

After starting a process of rapid expansion of its busi-ness on the European market, Balconi was looking for a partner that could support them to manage EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Document Flows with several years of experience at a global level and that was able to activate the exchange of EDI messages with main European retailers, especially North European ones, under a tight schedule.

Comarch was the natural choice: with its interna-tional experience and presence, Comarch could rely on a close network of EDI relations already existing with leading retailers at a global level. Therefore, in 2016 Balconi and Comarch signed a collaboration for the implementation of a EDI project that have been active for years in Italy and in Europe.

Implemented solution – Comarch EDI

Fast-paced commercial activities in confectionery industry imposed a very tight schedule for the de-velopment and implementation of the solution. In any case, the dedicated and skilled team of Comarch experts managed to start the project in due time, ensuring the continuity products supply to all business partners.

Comarch EDI enables Balconi to manage the com-plex exchange of EDI messages (ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC, APERAK) with partners in Italy and mostly in Europe. The solution was tailored on client’s needs in order to grant the integration with the existing management system. In fact, Comarch EDI sim-plifies the management of all specific EDI formats required by different business partners, transmitting and translating them directly into client’s manage-ment system.

Comarch EDI is able to entirely handle following processes


  • More efficient and fluid management of EDI processes
  • Resources and time saving
  • Possibility to focus on higher value added activities

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch EDI

System provides efficient and secure exchange of data across the supply chain. Within a few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographical area.

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Remarks from Balconi

  • "We are proud of this technological partnership with a leading company in confectionery industry in Italy and in Europe. Comarch EDI is supporting Balconi to increase its competitiveness at an international level, digitizing and automating the exchange of information and documents with their business partners."

    Silvio Panetta,
    Sales Director, Comarch Italia

  • "We know that we can rely on an expert and reliable partner, who is supporting us in our business expansion process. Comarch EDI manages quickly and with multi-language support all requests for EDI connection coming from our business partners, allowing us to allocate more effi ciently our resources."

    Karen Bartesaghi,
    Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Balconi

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