Implementation of Comarch EDI at La Redoute

About La Redoute

La Redoute, part of the Galeries Lafayette Group, specializes in clothing and decorative materials. It is an e-commerce leader in the home and fashion sector in France. Its international business activity is built on three main elements: subsidiaries, websites and partnerships. La is the largest shopping site for clothes and household interiors materials in France, visited on average by nine million users every month. With offices in six countries (the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Spain), La Redoute is continuously striving to improve its competitiveness by building effective partnerships with distributors with a strong market position in China, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Africa and Japan.

Key facts about La Redoute

Business Challenges

As an international company with an increasing number of clients and partners around the world, La Redoute demands high product quality and effective communication with its customers and suppliers. Its previous EDI solution was no longer able to meet the high expectations of this growing company. As a result, La Redoute took actions to improve document management with business partners, and to facilitate monitoring of drop-ship-ping processes in the supply chain. Deployment of a tailored EDI solution became part of La Redoute’s development strategy, as the existing document exchange process produced errors and irregulari-ties that hampered the traceability of orders for La Redoute and their suppliers, having significantly negative effect on the quality of customer service and business activity.

Efforts were therefore made to track the fulfillment of orders more effectively, f rom placement to shipping and invoicing, ensur-ing high quality customer service and business activity. In order to manage all these processes, efficient data flow management was required. The company was seeking an international EDI provider that could easily and quickly connect all its busi-ness partners, including suppliers and providers of logistics services. That was where cooperation with Comarch began.

The solution

The project launched in early 2018 includes both technical migration and the connection of new partners. Comarch’s implementation team has been collaborating closely with La Redoute’s IT department to identify company specific requirements. Comarch has taken responsibility for systems integrations, and provided a broad range of services including partner on-boarding and training, application hosting and service desk support.
Comarch implemented two solutions, EDI Integration and a Web-EDI application, to cover the differing levels of technical maturity among La Redoute’s suppliers.
  • Comarch EDI Integration

    is an end to end EDI solution that integrates with the supplier’s system or ERP to elimi-nate manual data entry.

  • Comarch Web-EDI

    is an intuitive, web-based application that enables elec-tronic data exchange in the event that a supplier is unable to use EDI Integration. The latter solution is often chosen by la Redoute’s smaller partners.

  • A real-time monitoring portal

    La Redoute has instant access to a real-time monitoring portal which presents information on the status of documents. The company is able to check whether documents have been processed correctly by the platform and delivered to partners.

  • An e-Archive module

    An e-Archive module will be config-ured, after the launch of the invoice flow. This application meets the requirements of the EU e-Invoicing directive, and en-sures e-invoice storage in accordance with national legal requirements

Document conversion to and f rom the formats used by suppliers has been provided. After the first phase of the project, three types of documents were implemented: ORDER, ORDRSP, DESADV. E-Invoice will be launched soon. It is also worth mentioning that La Redoute exchanges more than 80 000 documents via the platform every month.

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    Comarch EDI

    System provides efficient and secure exchange of data across the supply chain. Within a few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographical area.

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    Remarks from La Redoute

    Thanks to this centralized EDI solution, La Redoute can now easily monitor and manage its business process-es, which allows the company to react faster to any unforeseen incidents. Moreover, efficient document flow enables improved relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners. Additionally, it reduces the IT department’s workload in terms of document exchange.

    • "Throughout the project duration, Comarch teams listened to our requirements and took into account the limitations arising from the specificity of our sector. They were also very sensitive to our expectations, working constantly with the goal of improving the service, thus proving a strong sense of responsibility, which we very much appreciate”

      Mathieu Blampain, 
      IT project manager at La Redoute

    • "The go-live project took place in June 2018. It was very important for us to provide La Redoute with a stable EDI platform that would be able to address the company’s ambitions and meet quality requirements. A few months after starting the project, we can say that we have achieved our goals. It is a true collaborative project, we are currently working together to connect new partners and to expand the platform abroad”

      Matthieu Roussel,
      Comarch Trader responsible for contacts with large enterprises

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