Made in Italy, exported globally. Mutti chooses Comarch EDI for multi-country data processes

Italian leading manufacturer of tomato products, Mutti, has partnered with Comarch to digitise and streamline data exchange with commercial partners in Europe and the US.

Mutti has adopted Comarch’s EDI and will be rolling out a three-year, three-phase project aimed at digitising and mapping all supply-chain-related data exchange processes. The project will involve Mutti’s offices in Italy, Germany, France and the USA, and will ensure that all data shared between Mutti and its international commercial partners are mapped according to global and local standards.

Deeply rooted in our passion for quality, our mission is to produce the best possible tomato products in Italy, which we are proud to export around the world”, said Pierangelo Chiappini, Business Transformation Director at Mutti. “As we grow internationally, we need a partner with solid international experience but equally able to support us with evolving local developments.

Businesses who operate in multiple countries face the complexity of complying with fragmented standards when it comes to data exchange (EDI), and e-invoicing regulations, which can vary even among EU countries.

Digitising and simplifying data exchange processes by bringing them in line with international standards, and levelling them all up to the same level of efficiency can help companies dramatically reduce manual errors, ensure technical compliance with international standards such as EDI and GDSN, and ensure that all parties on the supply chain have access to the same information at the same time, with no delays or information gaps.

Our goal from the outset has been to provide Mutti with one centralised information hub, where all data exchange processes can be tracked and implemented according to the latest, shifting international standards”, said Francesco Novembri, Sales Director at Comarch Italia. “We look forward to seeing this project pan out and scale over the course of the next three years.

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