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Make better business decisions while managing your loyalty programs & marketing campaigns

What is the
Data Analytics

Today's companies generate around 30-50% more data each year. Not only does this influence how they collect information about their clients - especially in the context of loyalty marketing - but it also shows that they need the right IT tools to process and analyze all of that data.

That's why we provide an advanced analytical and reporting platform for monitoring and optimizing both your loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.  

Designed to help you find what makes your clients tick, it gives you instant access to full customer insights (shopping patterns, product interests, campaign responsiveness) as well as to detailed loyalty program/marketing campaign reports and dashboards (reconciliations & settlements, general points balance, liability reports, assessing the impact of promotions on revenues).

Our Data Analytics tool allows businesses - like yours - to drive better loyalty results and gain a competitive advantage in no time

    Functionalities of Business Intelligence

    Improve business efficiency with a wide range of practical features

    • An intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop user interface 
    • Many forms of strategic visualizations (graphs, indicators, maps, tables)
    • High level of performance (thanks to an in-memory engine)
    • A multi-source module allowing for merging data from various different sources
    • A predefined set of reports and dashboards that help you analyze the effectiveness of your loyalty programs and marketing campaigns
    • Ad-hoc functionalities enabling the creation of new data analysis in real-time
    • A detailed RFM segmentation and Churn risk identification mechanisms
    • Collaborative and sharing features: comments, notifications, subscriptions, exports
    • Mobile access

    Benefits of Business Intelligence

    Learn about the benefits

    • Instant access to information
      BI module integrated with Comarch Loyalty Management and Comarch Campaign Management
    • Increased customer responsiveness 
      Advanced customer behavior identification functionalities
    • Increased purchasing frequency
      Recognition of customers' buying patterns 
    • Increased overall program effectiveness 
      Reliability, security, and use of use combined. 
    • Improved profitability & savings 
      Providing cost-effective solutions for data management
    • Increased response rate
      Quick and accurate evaluation of marketing campaigns
    • A large knowledge-base regarding your customers
      Identification of loyal customers wherever they interact with a brand 
    • Correct & business-relevant decisions
      Based on provided reports, dashboard, and out-of-the-box data model

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