Customer Touchpoints

Design & launch a perfect mobile app / website / POS / customer care portal to win the hearts and minds of your customers

What is the
Customer Touchpoints

As its name suggests, this particular Comarch Loyalty Marketing Suite module allows you to design, run, and manage key customer touchpoints such as a mobile app, website, point of sale, and customer care portal.

Knowing how crucial it is to establish a strong line of communication between customers and a brand these days, we provide dedicated tools that can help you both build that connection and gain a competitive advantage.

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Can't Go Anywhere Without a Loyalty Mobile App

A loyalty program feels incomplete when it's not accompanied by a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing mobile application. Why? Because it lacks that crucial interactive element that allows you to get to know your customers better.

Plus, when provided with a loyalty mobile app, your customers can be notified about your latest offers and promotions at the right time and place.

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Your Website is More Than Just Your Calling Card

It is also a virtual space your customers can explore to find out what your brand represents. Thus, creating it is not just about coming up with a cool way to present your products and services. It's not just about writing down your company's values.

It's also about how you tell the story - the one about your company, your team, and how you all made it happen. We can provide you with the right tools to make your customers feel immersed in the experience.

Drive Your Sales With the Right POS 

To attract customers is one thing. To convince them to buy your products and engage with your brand is a whole new ballgame. Thus, you need to make sure that they don't find your purchasing processes an obstacle to completing the transaction.

Using our set of tools, you will be able to design and implement the perfect checkout - and make it work with all of your payment terminals and cash registers. The platform also supports various forms of mobile payments, so that your clients can purchase your products as easily as possible.

No Client Left Behind: Customer Care Portal

Sometimes, your customers require extra help from your side. This can be for various reasons. Maybe they don't know how to find the product they were looking for, or there's something that prevents them from completing the transaction. Who knows? One thing is for sure – you must be prepared to answer many different questions.

Using our platform, you will be able to create a comprehensive customer care portal, where clients will be able to find the answers themselves or contact you directly so that you can solve the issue for them.

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