Vingroup and Comarch cooperation

About Vingroup

Vingroup is one of the fastest growing companies in Vietnam. By setting trends in the local market and
introducing new international standards of products and services, it promotes modern way of life among the
Vietnamese. Vingroup created a respected and well-known family of brands operating in several different
industries, from real estate to tourism.

Vingroup, as the first company in Vietnam, decided to launch a coalition loyalty program. The main advantage
of the program is the large number of partners and a variety of services. This allows the participants to benefit
from the attractive partner offers and earn points for everyday purchases. The offer is valid also when the
members choose to dine out or spend time in one of the luxury hotels owned by the Vingroup


Loyalty programs are relatively new to Vietnam, and they are far less popular than their European counterparts. The Vietnamese are also sensitive when it comes to the protection of personal data, so they rarely take part in promotional activities that require the processing of any information about them.

Before Vingroup started working with Comarch, their subsidiary companies had several different loyalty programs, but each of them had different rules. The result of the lack of coordination and a holistic approach was low activity of the members – only about 30% of them were using the card regularly (at least once in three months). Another problem was the poor quality of obtained data, which is of the key importance for marketing activities of Vingroup.

Implemented Product

A team of strategic consultants from Comarch has developed a concept of the program, now referred to as the Vingroup Card. The  program started on January 12th, 2016. The customer value proposition was based primarily on the easiness of earning points on the basis of purchases made in brick and mortar stores and service points owned by the Vingroup, as well as online stores. The accumulated points can be redeemed directly at the checkout, as a valid payment method.

Comarch has recommended the introduction of two statuses for program participants: regular (a blue card) and VIP (a red card). Vingroup wanted to give their most valuable customers not only the possibility to pay with points, but also opportunity to enjoy the highest quality of service, including privileges and special offers prepared by the operator of the program.

Work on the creation of the concept of the program proceeded in accordance with the methodology tried and tested by Comarch. Along with the numerous project team workshops the entire project documentation was created in three months. It included overall strategy and the conception of the program and a detailed plan of communication with participants focused on the migration of participants from existing programs to the newly launched Vingroup Card.


  • Strategy based on Comarch’s international experience
  • Intensive and time-effective project (results in 3 months)
  • The program takes into account the specifics of the industry and the local market
  • Support of interdisciplinary, international team of consultants and the ability to easily expand the program using loyalty schemes provided by Comarch or other suppliers

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Remarks from Vingroup

  • The choice of Comarch consulting services was purely pragmatic choice. Thanks to the company’s experience on the international markets, including Asia, we were sure that the proposed solution will take into account current global standards. Moreover, Comarch is a well-known provider of technological solutions whose products are being cited by leading global research firms.It builds trust. Our project confirms that Comarch is far more that pure technology – together we have created a marketing solution that will change the Vietnamese market."

    Trần Anh Tú,
    Specialist at Vingrou

  • Consulting project for Vingroup was a challenge. Short deadlines, technological limitations and the specificity of the local market required in-depth analysis and numerous meetings with the client. Our work has been recognized by the Vingroup’s Board. Now we can proudly look how our recommendations are being implemented. And Comarch can announce another success in Asia."

    Joanna Młynarska,
    Comarch Loyalty Senior Business Consultant

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