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What is Comarch Master Data Management?

Providing data-driven enterprises with a real competitive advantage 

The more we know about how important for business growth effective data-sharing is, the more we realize that it is not just about how fast information is distributed among buyers and suppliers. It is also about the quality and transparency of the exchanged data.

To help you synchronize your product data with all trading partners, we deliver Comarch Master Data Management - a cloud-based, GDSN certified data pool that allows you to organize, verify, manage, and maintain business-relevant information with ease. Providing each authorized party with instant access to a shared database, it guarantees real-time updates - giving you and your partners a chance to track all critical changes in the product register as they happen. 

Not only does our product eliminate chaotic email or paper communication - frequently resulting in double data entry or human errors - but it can also be integrated with internal master data systems to improve data flow. As a result, Comarch MDM enables you to optimize your business operations and achieve better results in no time.

What are the key benefits?

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  • Synchronize Your Product Data Efficiently

    Source (supplier/producer)

    Our cloud-based platform enables producers and distributors to register their products while assigning and updating hundreds of attributes divided into several categories via direct integration with internal IT systems (EDI files), file upload or web-based applications. The selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of the retailer you are exchanging product data with.

    Using Comarch MDM, suppliers can handle attributes into those that are general and available to all retailers (e.g. ingredients), and those that are dedicated (e.g. prices) – visible only to selected business partners.

    Comarch MDM enables different methods of data entry (web form, uploading a file or EDI format) designed to meet the expectations and capabilities of your company. 
    Comarch MDM provides suppliers with the possibility to enrich and refine product data information before the product card is sent to a retailer.

    The Comarch MDM application can be connected to an external provider of product data. In that case, instead of manual data input, our system downloads all the missing information while creating a new product card.
    The system provides suppliers with a user-friendly interface for uploading and updating product data in different formats (or via system integrations). The data is validated automatically in accordance with the built-in business rules and recipient’s requirements. Validations can be of a commercial, legal or mathematical nature, and they can depend on numerous factors such as product category, target market, and the sender's or seller's requirements. 

    Comarch MDM provides suppliers with the possibility to give individual departments permission to authorize certain parameters (e.g., purchasing, logistics, or accounting).

    The use of Comarch MDM gives the supplier the opportunity to respond to call for tenders gathered from retailers, thus it allows the user to include more products provided by the supplier in the retailer's offer

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    The Comarch MDM application allows the supplier to share its product data - verified and created in the correct format - with all retailers with near-zero effort. Data can be exchanged via the GDSN network with other certified data pools or directly - if both sides agree on the terms.

    Direct communication between product data providers and their recipients is enabled thanks to an internal messenger which facilitates queries between users in real-time by them to send short messages linked to a specific product card. This supports referencing, offering, and updating product cards.

    Supporting efficient and secure data sharing, Comarch MDM guarantees that each authorized party has access to the same, up-to-date, high-quality information.

    Recipient (retailer)

    Our cloud-based platform enables retailers to manage all product data with ease. It provides one central product data repository that collects and processes information about all products available on the shelves in a clear and easy way. The selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of a retailer.
    Comarch MDM provides buyers with the possibility to enrich and refine product data – a valuable functionality for any modern enterprise. Information provided by the vendor may not include information required by the buyers' internal systems (e.g. internal product codes). Thus, our product allows to fill in all the missing elements.
    The process of data approval is different for each organization. Thus, we offer a flexible workflow engine that enables the retailer to individually define the vendor and product data approval process. This may be executed simultaneously in several departments or in the correct order, and be defined by a particular set of attributes.

    Comarch MDM enables the retailer to send inquiries and collect offers from its business partners as well as find products in the directory encompassing all trading partners in a short time.

    Plus, the call for tenders functionality gives you the opportunity to examine the market in accordance with the needs of the network. On the basis of responses sent by suppliers, the network narrows down the number of offers for which the referencing request is prepared. Later on, in response to that request, a retailer receives a full product card.

    The subscription mechanism in the GDSN model provides automatic information updates, occurring as soon as new products (or new versions of a given product, categories or suppliers) become available.

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    Functions and features such as language settings, translations, customs and tax calculations, country-specific legal regulations, and more, make it much easier to run operations on an international level.

    Comarch MDM is integrated with Google Translate, which makes one's content available in more than 22 languages.

    The success of a given product data management project depends on the exchange of information between suppliers. Hence, it is crucial to include all business partners with whom the retailer cooperates (or would like to cooperate with in the future). Comarch meets these requirements and offers a large database of the "onboarded" suppliers from various industries.

    At the same time, we support retailers in the process of connecting new partners by helping the parties involved communicate and offering special courses on how to implement and use the system.

    Master Data Management infographic

    Synchronization via GDSN

    Being a GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) certified data pool, Comarch Master Data Management enables its users to synchronize their data in line with GS1 standards with all business partners.
    Supporting real-time, accurate & secure data sharing, Comarch MDM guarantees that once one of your suppliers or retailers updates their register, your own database will be simultaneously completed with those changes. As a result, each authorized party has access to the same, up-to-date, high-quality information.

    Synchronization via GDSN

    Enabling synergy with EDI

    Thanks to the integration of an EDI platform with the Comarch Master Data Management, the company may be fully convinced that the quality of collected data and optimization of supply chain processes will improve significantly.

    A single communication channel, integration with individual apps and validation of documents are only a few of the many advantages that result from using electronic data interchange and product data management systems delivered by a single provider.

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    Enabling synergy with EDI

    Start your digital transformation journey with our support


    Comprehensive management of the process of integration and communication with business partners carried out by Comarch specialists in accordance with the assumed schedule.


    Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced Service Desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards.


    Experienced managers are being assigned to specific projects so they could supervise every stage of the implementation process - the initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization - and make sure that the end configuration meets your company's needs.

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