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Comarch Master Data Management can be easily integrated with other internal systems - no matter if they are the Data Source or Data Recipient. Automated information flows streamline the processes of collecting and verifying product data, as well as transferring this data to target systems.

By combining our MDM system with Comarch's EDI platform, however, the client can be fully convinced that both the quality of shared data and the optimization of all supply chain processes will be significantly improved.

Integration with internal systems

Integration with internal systems


Some data providers use more than one system (their own and external systems of product data providers) to create product cards. To avoid entering data from the application level - either manually creating a product card or uploading data in an Excel file - the data can be automatically collected from their applications and shared with business partners thanks to integration with internal systems. That way, the process becomes fully automatic, therefore much faster and way simpler.


Comarch MDM, as a central repository of product information, allows its recipients to easily manage product information of all business partners. Data processing can be further improved by integrating Comarch MDM with internal systems on the Data Recipient's side. What this means in practice is that specific information is automatically assigned and imported to the recipient’s target systems, e.g. ERP, PIM, or WMS. Such an approach effectively eliminates time and cost-intensive manual operations.

Synergy with Comarch EDI

Synergy with Comarch EDI

It is worth noting that the integration of Comarch Master Data Management with Comarch's EDI platform results in even greater improvement of supply chain processes.

This is because using integrated IT solutions provided by a single technology provider is a guarantee of their full interoperability - not to mention that it brings some additional benefits.


Following the integration, Data Sources and Recipients are required to perform only minimal system configuration in terms of customizing the product data model to their requirements.



Our platforms have been designed to automatically verify the correctness and completeness of the transferred data. The system automatically checks the structural correctness of the files and their business compatibility. As a result, you can verify whether an order, invoice, shipping advice or any other document is consistent with the data stored in the MDM system.


Thanks to the integration with Comarch EDI, all the data is combined into one single file, which is then transferred to Comarch MDM and finally distributed to the vendor's partners. Using the synergy between Comarch's systems, a client who is the Data Source can be sure that the information will be approved and correctly integrated before it is entered into the product catalog (long before it is shared with their business partners). For Data Recipients, the process involves downloading product data and its distribution (and integration) to individual Data Recipient systems.

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