A Robust, Cloud-Based 
EDI Platform

Streamline Your Data Exchange with Cutting-edge EDI Software – Seamless Integration, Maximum Efficiency, and Cost Reduction

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Cloud-Based EDI Platform

Upgrade Your Data Exchange with End-to-end Visibility 

  • Paper, PDF, Web, API, EDI – no matter the format, automate your data processing and take control of your business processes.
  • Any to any (A2A) – formats or channels or standards – no matter what is your company IT landscape or your business partner IT capabilities with Comarch EDI solution you can optimize all your business data exchange in secure way

EDI System

Who are our clients?

Demystify and Validate Your Financial Processes

Validate your supply chain and financial processes in real time to ensure transparent, error-free, and consistent data flow every time, in any country you operate.

Stay One Step Ahead of Global e‑Invoicing/e‑Reporting or e‑Delivery Compliance

Don’t worry about changing laws and regulations – with Comarch’s EDI platform, complying with e‑Transport, e‑Invoice, and e‑Reporting, e‑Delivery requirements in multiple countries has never been so easy. Our solution offers legal expertise and tax compliance support for seamless and confident trading with partners around the world.

More about e-Invoicing, e-Reporting and e-Delivery

Moving towards more advanced and secure technology

The Comarch EDI Solution ensures the highest security standards for your data exchange processes. Enhance your business advantage by facilitating seamless communication with your partners, meeting their expectations for safety of crucial business information.

An EDI Solution with Robust Potential 

Forget about the lack of staff or modern resources – by entrusting your EDI issues to our top experts, you can count on lower costs (compared to an in-house team), effortless implementation, and round-the-clock support.

EDI Solutions

Data Consistency for Enhanced Business Processes

Optimize your B2B processes through data synchronization – a simple feature that ensures data consistency within and between individual message exchanges, consequently enhancing your communication with business partners.

EDI Solutions

Stay Up-to-date on all Your Transactions

Gain invaluable insight into your data exchange performance thanks to EDI software that offers access to real-time monitoring of supply chain and/or financial processes. Track, monitor, and manage your transactions to ensure the security and effectiveness of your document flow.

EDI Solutions

Convenient and On-demand Access to all Your Data

Move your data to the cloud! By choosing a cloud-based EDI system, you can save costs, avoid resource constraints and raise data security with a high level of adaptation of the solution to meet your unique business needs.

Cloud-based EDI Solutions

The Future of EDI is Here

Experience the future of business connectivity with the Comarch EDI Platform – a modern, transparent, and secure approach to Electronic Data Interchange.

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Future of Electronic Data Interchange Software

The implementation of our solutions brings visible and measurable benefits for your business

The Key Features of Comarch EDI 

Take your data exchange to the next level with the Comarch EDI Platform, which allows you to:

  • Check the efficiency of your purchasing process
  • Control the entire supply chain process
  • Optimize business processes related to invoices, orders and other documents
  • Integrate tracking of the status of processed documents or get a dedicated web app
  • Free yourself from invalid/lost documents
  • Generate ready-to-use reports based on the data exchanged in the EDI network

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Key Features of Comarch Electronic Data Interchange Platform

A Customized, Cloud EDI Platform for all Businesses, Regardless of Their Size and Technological Maturity


Comarch WEB-EDI – an intuitive web-based application that enables fast and reliable data exchange with even the smallest business partners

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EDI Integration Platform (SaaS)

Comarch Integration Platform facilitates automatic digital communication ensuring facilitated integration with your company’s internal systems (such as ERP and WMS) via various communication protocols (for example, AS2, FTP/VPN, SFTP, WebService and OFTP).

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Make Integrations a Breeze with All Your Partners and Subsidiaries

Leverage the experience of top EDI experts to unify your internal software systems and connect with your business partners – suppliers, customers, clients, stakeholders, logistics service provider (LSP), or 3PL (third-party logistics), subsidiaries, tax authorities and different government platforms, and any other stakeholder in your document exchange network.

EDI Integration Platform

Versatile EDI System

Comarch EDI handles your data in a comprehensive way – from verifying the correctness of information to converting document formats. Our managed services include validation, mapping, routing, and data enrichment, all designed to simplify your data management. 

Need help checking whether your documents meet mandatory requirements? Or perhaps you’re looking for a quicker way of achieve data delivery? Read on to discover how our EDI functionalities can enhance your data exchange.

Electronic Data Interchange System


Data reliability is critical – that’s why the Comarch EDI solution ensures that your documents conform to the country or industry standards and rules set by trading partners. This includes verifying the presence of mandatory data elements, validating data formats (such as dates, quantities, and codes), and warranting correct segment and data element sequencing. For the highest accuracy possible, data will be sent to your system only after complete verification.

EDI Validation System


Looking for seamless data integration between you and your business partners? The Comarch EDI converts electronic documents from one format / standard to another (including XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, TRADACOM, ODETTE and VDA). You get a smooth flow of data between trading partners, which leads to accurate and efficient information exchange.

EDI Mapping System


Exchange thousands of documents between multiple entities or IT systems at once. Thanks to our solution’s routing feature, you get accurate and on time delivery of your business documents. Combined with other Comarch EDI software functionalities, this service helps you both to optimize work in logistics and transport or to improve payment times and achieve better cash flow.

EDI Routing System

Data Enrichment

You know what data is missing in your documents, but you can't add it automatically? Don’t worry – our Data Enrichment feature will automatically fill in the blanks or transpose the info included in a given file. Let us take care of the details of your data exchange so that you can focus on cultivating stronger and better business relations.

EDI Data Enrichment System

EDI Solutions for Every industry


Get ready for digital transformation in the automotive sector. Like many companies who have entrusted us with their EDI operations, improve your operational agility.


Revolutionize your manufacturing process and drive growth with seamless integration of EDI technology for improved communication and collaboration with your partners.


Unlock the full potential of your retail business with our unparalleled expertise in EDI and years of industry experience.

Why Comarch?

  • Over 25 years of experience providing advanced IT solutions and systems for EDI.
  • Business stability and reliability – vast project portfolio, including for brands such as BP, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, and Metro Digital
  • Offering compliance in 60+ countries around the world.
  • Helping maintain the highest EDI standards for 100 000 users worldwide.
  • Comprehensive and secure platform for B2B collaboration in a supply chain.
  • Full support for supply chain operations.


  • How to Carry Out an EDI Migration Project

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Issuing and Processing Digital Documents Successfully

  • EDI Onboarding Best Practices

    How to successfully connect your B2B partners


    Take your EDI management to the next level 

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