Trade Promotion Management System

A technologically advanced application
for planning and managing trade promotions

Plan, report, and verify the effectiveness
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What is Comarch Trade Promotion Management?

Comarch Trade Promotion Management is a newly developed tool designed to support companies in the process of planning trade promotions and their budgets.

Not only does it enable you to define long and short-term promotional activities and measure their performance, but it also helps analyze historical data to find new opportunities for improving sales efficiency. 

A flexible and configurable acceptance process, however, allows you to check whether your operations are being carried out in line with predefined business objectives as well as your budget

What are the benefits?

This particular module is part of the Comarch family of solutions for supporting sales and marketing processes, which includes, among others, Comarch Mobile Sales Force - an innovative application available for iOS and Android thanks to which information about defined and approved promotional campaigns can be immediately sent for execution to the sales force. The module can also be integrated with ERP systems to exchange basic data about products and customers, as well as commercial conditions of planned promotions.

Trade promotions & budget planning made easy

Effective planning of trade promotions with an implemented wizard mechanism to guide the user through the process step by step (based on historical data and the latest market trends); access to all promo activities in one place, with all statuses; simplified and faster approval process; support for exceptions to global guidelines and configurable workflow; integrated reporting features.

Improved sales efficiency & data-driven decision-making

Calculation of ROI for each planned promo activity; pre-evaluation and post-evaluation of processes; access to historical data, best-proven promo activities and customer’s commercial terms and conditions in the process of setting up the promo activity; access to actuals

Optimization of key business processes at selected points of sale

Automatic creation of promotional conditions in ERP system (integration); change management process for already planned and accepted activities

Key functionalities of Comarch Trade Promotion Management

The module allows you to better plan your company's promotional activities using advanced estimation tools incorporating historical data analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Additionally, it supports the planning process using "what-if" scenarios (promo price, planned uplift, ROI). The user gets an opportunity to pre-evaluate the promotional activities and compare the results with historical data.

The platform allows you to create your guidelines and define the acceptance workflow. Plus, it guarantees constant (day-by-day) monitoring of ROI (Return On Investment) and other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) already implemented in the system.
The budget management feature allows you to create and manage your company's promotional budgets based on sales or purchases.

Once the budget is set, it can be assigned to a specific promotion, assortment, or customer. You can also create a unique acceptance workflow for each of your company's defined budgets, if necessary. The possibility to track the use of promotional budgets helps users make key sales decisions.
"What-if" scenarios can help you better plan your company's promotional activities. When creating promotional activities, the scenarios feature visualizes potential profits and losses resulting from given promo activities' parameters.

A user can create several scenarios that take into account the most important parameters and then compare them to assess which one is the most profitable for the company.

Using our TPM platform, not only will you have access to predefined KPIs, but you will also be able to add your indicators during the project implementation. Correctly defined indicators will become the basis for making business decisions.

Comarch Trade Promotion Management platform enables you to create sales targets, monitor trends, and implement targets that facilitate the planning process. The application automatically suggests the kind of promotions that should be created and guides the user through this process. Forecasting itself is supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms that learn trends based on historical data, promotional activities, and other external factors influencing sales (one-off or recurring)
Compliance of the promotion with the "Guidelines" is the first step in validating a promotion. In this initial phase, the person creating promotions must take into account certain restrictions previously imposed by the sales and marketing divisions, such as the frequency of creating a promotion for a given product, the maximum cost of promotion, or maximum discount set in a "guideline".
The module allows defining the promo acceptance process based on roles assigned by the administrator. In addition, you can set up a subscription, so you can be notified of the need to perform the action via e-mail.
By registering all promotional activities and importing of actuals, you can easily settle every promotional activity. The settlement process can be finished by performing a post-evaluation analysis.
Reporting and data analysis, performing pre-and post-evaluation analyses of promotional campaigns is available through the reporting module built into the application. It uses OLAP cubes and interactive data visualization to create custom report templates. When creating a report template, a user can share it with other users, subscribe to an e-mail, or place it on their own dashboard.
The calendar view makes managing promotions much easier thanks to its "drag & drop" feature, which allows you to change the dates of the promotion in no time. From this level, you can preview the most important information about the promotions. Thanks to its Master Plan feature, however, you will have the opportunity to compare the current status of promotional activities with the previously planned activities.

What is more, our application is integrated with data from FOCUS - an external service for gathering information about all promotional activities on the market - based on the store chains' promotional leaflets. What this means is that the calendar module can additionally present data about already planned leaflet activities (own and competitors). 

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Scope of services


Comarch Helpdesk is the 1st line of support for Comarch SFA system users. Comarch consultants provide telephone support available in 6 languages (EN, DE, PL, UA, RU, FR) - 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


Comarch 2nd line of support provides email support (ticketing system) concerning the installation, configuration and bug fixing.


Comarch provides system users with professional training sessions. Trainings are carried out by a professional team of consultants from our Training Center.


Comarch Hosting provides a complete IT environment for applications located in one of the Data Center locations. The secure infrastructure and management services guarantee the efficient operation of business applications. Comarch Data Centers are located in Germany (Frankfurt, Dresden) , France (Lille), USA (Chicago), Poland (Cracow, Warsaw).


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, Comarch offers one-time or cyclical normalization and harmonization services for data collected from distributors / wholesale outlets. Additional verification is performed by comparing electronic data with hard-copy versions of the documents.


As part of the Geomarketing service we provide application sharing geocoordinate assignment to each point of sale.

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