Marketing Automation Software

Provide your customers with personalized, relevant, perfectly timed content through multiple channels using just one solution


Reach & connect with thousands of customers
in the blink of an eye

Use our AI-based marketing automation tools to
generate & nurture leads, increase conversion rate & ROI, and drive more profits

Personalize Customer Experiences Using Data

Personalize Customer Experiences Using Data

Stop guessing and use our AI-powered marketing automation tools to find out how to provide each of your customers with the right type of content at the right time and place. 

Let our platform analyze the zero and first-party data you collect and then help you create offers, promotions, product recommendations, loyalty rewards and marketing materials that your customers can relate to. 


Use Automation to Get Higher Payback

How do you free up your resources and drive growth simultaneously? You automate your marketing activities - everything from complex marketing campaigns, through commerce and loyalty journeys, to time-limited offer reminders and "you-may-also-like" recommendations

Take advantage of the proven, pre-integrated, ready-to-use journeys that allow you to quickly deploy the best marketing strategies - even if you're not an expert in this field. 

Identify Target Audience via Segmentation

Identify Target Audience via Segmentation

Allow our AI-based technology to divide your clients into segments based not only on demographics but also on personal interests and needs. Then, present each group with content that its members will love.

Discover trends shared by many or only a few of your clients that would be impossible to identify manually and use your findings to facilitate your marketing processes and boost your conversions. 

Omnichannel Campaign

Design Omnichannel Campaign Journeys

Use our marketing automation tools to fill out your customer journeys with immersive, cross-channel experiences and stimulate your clients to get from one touchpoint to the next. 

Influence customer behavior with single, dynamic, and triggered campaigns and try out many different scenarios (A/B testing) to find the best way to present your offers and marketing content. 

Customer Lifecycle Management

Increase CLV through
Customer Lifecycle Management

Nurture your customers thoughout their entire lifecycle – from acquisition, through first purchase and becoming a customer to building a strong relationship based on loyalty - to drive your sales funnel conversion and boost profits.

Have our platform create a customer profile the moment a contact performs their first action and let it keep updating the database over time automatically to help you learn more about your clients' needs.

KPI Reporting

Make Better Decisions
Thanks to KPI Reporting

Receive detailed reports and campaign statistics in real-time to find out whether your actions genuinely translate into better business results - and, if so, by what margin. 

Track message delivery and verify whether a given contact has completed an action you wanted them to perform. Run reactivation campaigns to prevent customer churn and boost your e-mail statistics. 

In-House & Third-Party Integration

Make our marketing automation platform part of your IT ecosystem and connect it with other available marketing solutions.

Loyalty Integrations

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