Comarch Loyalty Management for Insurance

Make customers feel appreciated with personalized loyalty programs

Opportunities for up-sale and cross-sale
through gathered data

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry: Seamless Loyalty Program

Comarch is a first-class loyalty management platform provider. Discover dedicated functionalities for the insurance industry and generate business growth:

  • Robust enterprise functionalities combined with custom sections to fit industry-specific requirements
  • Ability to integrate with the insurance broker’s system with datasets automatically distributed to specific folders
  • Effortless and precise data migration
  • Custom business intelligence dashboards with analytics data displayed to track defined KPIs (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Omnichannel communications environment for higher workplace productivity and full customer experience

Insurtech solutions: AI and chatbot functionalities for insurance

  • Make customers feel appreciated with a personalized loyalty program
  • Enable access to detailed information from anywhere, at any time
  • Reduce costs of manual support with self-service portal

Retain and acquire

  • Keep the program motivating, dynamic and engaging in the long term. CLM allows multiple rewarding options, redeeming points for vouchers, or a rewards-based loyalty program. Customer retention is easier with the personalized benefit programs. Retaining clients is often less expensive than acquiring new customers
  • Grow your following - inspired customers are more likely to spread information about your offer and the solution itself

Track your program’s performance

  • Building successful and seamless solutions requires constant analysis and improvements. CLM helps you to keep tracking your campaign performance thanks to BI and reporting tools. These tools give you full and easy control over every process
  • Identify fraudulent insurance claims. Detecting manipulated cases and images, including deep fakes
  • Build a partnership network and increase sales by localizing end-user, communication channels, products and rewards.

Mobile first with seamless omnichannel approach

Insurance industry customers and agents require integrated mobile and desktop platforms that work seamlessly. Digital insurance should have:

  • Front office platform
  • Agent support
  • New business advisory
  • Customer self-service
  • Commissions and incentive

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