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Level Up Your Loyalty Program With Comarch Gamification Services

Ready to advance your loyalty program gamification?

  • Allow customers to choose their own path and challenges through advanced gamification mechanics
  • Reward engagement and mastery with personalized loyalty program gamification
  • Motivate employees and build a sense of community through gamified loyalty programs
  • Create buzz around your brand with gamification solutions built on the foundations of human behavior

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How to Leverage Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Basic Gamification Techniques

Increase daily engagement while building your community through achievement-based features such as surveys, leaderboards, badges, and competition. Create a gamification platform foundation that allows for more.

  • Surveys to capture member interests (product/reward specific)
  • Badges & Points that incentivize continued engagement
  • Leaderboards to show achievements and build competition within your community 

Basic Gamification Techniques

How Basic Gamification Platform Works

  • Members complete surveys to provide information for personalized campaigns.
  • Members earn lottery tickets through daily logins.
  • Participants earn badges and points that incentivize further engagement.
  • Basic gamification features increase memeber engagement and data gathering for future campaigns and promotions. 
  • Basic gamification lays the foundation for add - on features and expansions

Basic Gamification Platform


  • Personalized campaigns based on members' interests
  • Increased member engagement through daily logins and rewards
  • Data gathering for future campaigns and promotions
  • Revenue growth for the business

Benefits of Gamification

Why It Matters

Surveys, point systems, and leaderboards provide a solid footing for future gamification features. From here, you’ll not only be able to not only upgrade and add to these personalized features – but also build new and even more exciting gamification offerings that extend the customer experience beyond a simple purchase. 

Why Gamification Matters

Advanced Gamification Techniques

Add on to your basic gamification features to retain gamification program members and foster competition through elevated techniques. 

  • Add-on and level-ups for existing lotteries, badges, points, and leaderboards.
  • Progress bars and tier systems keep gamification in loyalty programs continuously updated with even more challenging levels and tiers.
  • Auctions and lottery tickets leverage basic-level engagement for personalized gamification.

Advanced Gamification Techniques

How Advanced Gamification Platforms Work

  • Basic gamification features ramp up, as challenges become even more fierce and level-ups become more rewarding
  • Members use basic-level gamification features like surveys or badges to enter into auctions or lottery rewards 
  • Members try to progress through tiers and progress bars to earn greater rewards and community recognition  

Gamification platform


  • Further motivate members to achieve goals and earn more rewards
  • Encourage competition and community building among members
  • Offer prizes to incentivize completion of all milestones
  • Create omnichannel environments that allow for auction and lottery participation

Benefits Gamification

Why It Matters

Basic gamification isn’t enough. To build loyal members and emotional connections, your gamification features need to build choices that matter – and build community along the way. Continuing to motivate members with elevated challenges, visual progress, and advanced gamification methods will help you get to the next level: Expert

Why advance Gamification

Expert Gamification Strategy

Bridge the gap between virtual and physical/social engagement, creating emotional loyalty beyond the brand and customer transactions. 

  • Social media contests and surveys offer ways to utilize gamification features outside the conventional arena.
  • Referrals and brand advocacy offer a way to implement rewards systems outside the purchasing environment.
  • Event participation rewards non-purchase actions, such as attendance, leaving reviews, survey participation, or signing up for subscriptions.

Expert Gamification Strategy

How Expert Gamification Platforms Work

  • Members participate in social media initiatives, like sharing product or event photos on social media using the brand’s hashtags.
  • Members earn points, level-ups, and tier upgrades for referrals and survey participation
  • Combine basic and advanced gamification features to build next-gen loyalty 


  • Encourages members to engage with the brand on social media.
  • Offers gamification rewards in the form of points and badges.
  • Builds a sense of community through leaderboards and rankings.
  • Bridges the gap between virtual and physical/social engagement.

Why It Matters

Are you looking to go above and beyond the competition? By aligning basic and advanced features with social media participation, referral rewards, and unique ambassador levels – you’re able to build an integrated gamification strategy that scales. With the right foundations in place, you’ll be able to create an engaging brand where members can share experiences and build intrigue outside of transactions. 

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