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Use the power of gamification to increase the engagement of your customers

Comarch Gamification - what is it, exactly?

Comarch Gamification helps you optimize the communication with your customers by offering new, cutting-edge solutions designed for businesses of any kind or size. It allows you to organically increase interest and drive customer (or employee) loyalty using modern gamification techniques.

Comarch Gamification is an innovative marketing tool equipped with fully customizable plugins for engaging and rewarding users. Plus, by giving you a chance to introduce badges and leaderboards, it makes sure that your customers have the opportunity to experience loyalty programs like never before.

Client remarks

  • We have found Comarch to be a great partner both from a development perspective and a strategic direction perspective. Their ability to ramp up and resource projects and initiatives has been very impressive. We have never had any regrets in choosing Comarch and we look forward to a long and innovative relationship."



    Badges (virtual symbols) are one of the most commonly used Gamification techniques. Drive user engagement through fun and challenging games that allow users to compete with one another, share their achievements, and, of course, get badges that make them feel important and highly skilled. Attract new members while creating a stronger bond with your existing audience.

    Gamification: Badges


    Create a community amongst your customer base. Leaderboards are an exciting and cost-effective way to allow your members to interact with one another. The existence of one alone can create a desire for users to participate and climb to the top of the rankings. Plus, simple techniques such as allowing players to compare their results with other participants, view their rankings, or create a list of friends to compete with for prizes and rewards are enough to drive customer engagement effectively. 

    Gamification: Leaderboards

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