Comarch & HELLENiQ ENERGY – Using Technology to Drive Growth in Fuel Retail

HELLENiQ ENERGY, formerly known as HELLENIC PETROLEUM, is entering a new greener era of driving sustainable energy solutions towards a net-zero future. The company, currently operating in six countries through its subsidiary in the fuel marketing industry EKO, is going through a rebranding under the eye of its CEO, Andreas Shiamishis. As its partner and loyalty software provider, Comarch is proud to have played a part in HELLENiQ’s development and overhaul.

The company was recently mentioned in a report by CEO Magazine, which boasted HELLENiQ ENERGY’s new corporate identity and dedication to more sustainable energy solutions. The report featured a short history of HELLENiQ ENERGY’s rise from independent refineries to one of the largest energy companies in Greece and Southeast Europe, as well as Andreas Shiamishis’ leadership, under which the group underwent significant changes in governance, organization, and business direction. 

With HELLENiQ ENERGY’s key focus on digital and green transformation, the CEO Magazine mentions a considerable role that technology has been playing – and will continue to play – in the company’s future development, as presented by its cooperation with Comarch. In the report, Andreas Shiamishis describes how Comarch’s technology has helped HELLENiQ ENERGY create a customer loyalty program for “fuel retail networks” to drive growth in all its countries of operation.

HELLENiQ and Comarch’s partnership began in January 2022, shortly after the energy company revealed its ambitious plan to build and launch a loyalty scheme for Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Cyprus simultaneously. To set it in motion, Comarch provided HELLENiQ ENERGY with its AI-driven Loyalty Management Platform

With features such as Back Office Loyalty, Data Analytics, Gamification, Tier System Management, and a Promotions Engine, the platform was designed to manage such extensive undertakings as HELLENiQ ENERGY’s 5-countries EKO Smile program. Covering 1,400 stations combined, it is one of the largest initiatives of this kind in Europe and has been gaining a lot of recognition in the world of loyalty – i.e., at the International Loyalty Awards 2023, where EKO Smile was nominated as the Best Loyalty Launch of Initiative 2023.

“Partnering with HELLENiQ ENERGY is a privilege; it upholds high professional standards on every level of cooperation. Passion, talent, and innovation – this is what HELLENiQ ENERGY is all about. We’re excited about achieving great things together in the future.” – said Sami Nachawati, Consulting Director, Comarch, in the CEO Magazine’s profile on HELLENiQ. 

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