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About Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC)

To deliver world-class sustainable and integrated energy solutions is the mission of ENOC, a wholly owned company of the Government of Dubai. The Group offers a diverse portfolio of assets operating in five business segments: Supply, Trading and Processing, Terminals, Marketing, Retail and Exploration and Production. ENOC applies its world-class customer service, latest innovations and technologies, and best practices to the social and economic development of the UAE.

Entering an unexplored territory with one of the first oil & gas loyalty programs

Conversations between ENOC and Comarch about a loyalty program began in 2015, just before the deregulation of oil and gas prices occurred in the UAE. So, with a clear loyalty concept in place, both parties were well prepared for the change. Prior to the change, there were no oil and gas loyalty programs in the GCC, which presented a greenfield opportunity for everyone involved.

– The oil and gas retail market in this region required a different approach compared to the mechanics of European stations. ENOC's portfolio comprises not only fuel but also non-fuel offerings such as AutoPro, Tasjeel Registration, and Zoom C-Stores. Therefore, the objective was to develop a concept that encompasses all these brands while catering to the distinctive requirements of customers in the Middle East – says Wojciech Kempny, Consulting Director at Comarch Middle East.

Comarch’s choice

Comarch Loyalty Management accompanied by Comarch Business Intelligence have been chosen as the most suitable solutions to run the newborn program. They allow to achieve the most essential goal – the mobile-first enhancement of the customer journey in tandem with a reduced time-to-market. Given the complex nature of the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, it’s imperative is to provide customers with unprecedented offers through an easy-to-use and feature-packed interface. This toolset includes a comprehensive, configurable administrative panel, web portal, and mobile app for members. 

The system, hosted in the UAE at the Comarch Data Center, allows for advanced monitoring and optimization of the loyalty program. ENOC's operations are aided by Comarch's worldwide Network Operations Center and a team based in Dubai. This team offers consultation services that assist Enoc with program development, strategy, and daily operational support.

We needed a technological partner with scale. When we set out with our business requirements that loyalty was supposed to fulfill, Comarch checked all the boxes.

Suryaveer Singh, Head of Loyalty at ENOC

Impressive results and recognition for the “Yes” Rewards program by ENOC with Comarch

Powered by CLM, in 2020, the ENOC's "Yes” Rewards has officially started. During the first month after launch, the loyalty program gained over 200,000 members. Additionally, each loyalty campaign generated two to three times higher turnover. In 2023, the initiative was nominated for the International Loyalty Awards in two categories: Best Customer Experience and Best Loyalty/Benefits in a Financial Product. 

– It's been a very strong relationship. Comarch has been very fundamental to supporting ENOC as a brand running the whole program. When you’re looking at a loyalty partner in totality, it’s important that your overall business goals are supported. That is why Comarch fit the bill for us. – adds Suryaveer. To commemorate over 7 years of successful cooperation, Comarch has received a “Partnership Award” from ENOC, presented by the company to businesses that made a meaningful impact on its development and growth. 

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