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Thailand e-invoicing is a viable alternative for business

In Thailand, the clearance approach to e-invoicing is applied. Tax administrations require each invoice to be authorized electronically by them before or during the exchange process.

Since e-tax invoicing involves complex technical and legal steps for businesses, the government has stepped in to eliminate this complexity. The Electronic Transactions Development Agency has initiated a certification (“ETDA”) process for e-service providers to assess their security and compliance

As a result, Comarch has been officially certified as a data delivery service provider of electronic tax invoicing and receipt (Service Provider Certified).

The Thai government is working to develop a powerful e-invoicing system using certified service providers

Thailand e-invoicing is a viable alternative for business

Thai legal compliance is vital

Entrepreneurs who would like to apply e-tax invoice/receipts need approval as VAT registrants. Applicants must comply with the regulation stipulated by the Directive of the Director-General of the Revenue Department No.15 B.E 2562 (2019). Apart from invoices, there are other document to exchange with tax authority, to which these laws also apply. They include:

  • Tax invoice: Revenue Code No. 86/4
  • Tax invoice (abbreviation): Revenue Code No. 86/6
  • Debit notes: Revenue Code No. 86/9
  • Credit notes: Revenue Code No. 86/10
  • Receipt: Royal Decree No. 105 Tavi

E-tax invoices and receipts must contain digital signatures with certificated authority or a time stamp.

Period and business size matter when it comes to entering the e-tax invoice system

Period and business size matter when it comes to entering the e-tax invoice system

There are two options of using e-invoices and e-receipts

TypePrepare delivery and store e-tax invoice and e-receiptPrepare delivery and store e-tax invoice and e-receipt by email
VerificationElectronic certificate authority and Digital SignatureEmail time stamp
Business sizeNo limitAnnual revenue not more than THB 30 million (approx. USD 900k)
Document typeTax-invoices (full and summary)/debit notes/credit notes/receiptsTax invoice (full)/debit notes/credit notes
File formatXML filePDF/A-3 file
DeliveryTo the RD in specified formatData kept in database

Why Comarch e-Invoicing is your go-to platform

  • Comarch e-Invoicing is a robust, easy-to-use solution for streamlining and automating your AP/AR invoicing processes. It can be quickly implemented in any business, regardless of its size or technological maturity. 

  • Created to address the challenges of dynamically changing legal requirements all over the world, our platform is fully compliant with the latest data exchange regulations and standards.

  • Providing you with innovative functionalities such as Self-Billing, e-Archive, Electronic Signature, Data Validation, Format Conversion, and Multichannel Distribution, it significantly improves the effectiveness of your data management.

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How the e-tax invoice/receipt’s journey looks

How the e-tax invoice/receipt’s journey looks

Key benefits

  • Fast and secure data exchange
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Cost reduction
  • On-time payments
  • Environmentally friendly solution
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Paperless processes for the planet

At Comarch, we are committed to developing solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our company supports global actions for reducing the impact of climate change by creating truly “green” IT products – such as Comarch e-Invoicing – that simultaneously help to improve business performance and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

Paperless processes for the planet

Our solutions are used globally

Comarch is constantly growing in most important sectors of the economy, such as retail, finance, telecommunications, banking and insurance, public administration and healthcare.

We have recently expanded globally by entering the GCC region, providing our solutions and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

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