E-Invoicing in USA

Electronic Invoicing in USA

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E-Invoicing in USA

USA is on the Road to E‑invoicing

Although electronic invoicing is not mandatory in the US, global changes in the digitization of documents have a significant impact on American companies that not only run international businesses but also strive to optimize costs related to invoicing.

In 2022, a pilot was carried out in the USA, aiming to build and test a virtual network that would enable companies of all kinds to exchange electronic invoices with each other by establishing a secure, open framework for delivering e-invoices between service providers. It aimed to establish an operational framework for exchanging B2B invoices for the American market in 2023. Project participants had extensive knowledge or experience in electronic invoicing solutions, such as sending, accepting, or processing e-invoices.

E-invoicing process description

Latest e-invoicing initiatives

The result of the pilot carried out by the Business Payments Coalition (BCP), associating with over 600 entities, is the establishment of the Digital Business Networks Alliance. DBNAlliance is a legal entity whose purpose is to supervise the electronic document exchange network.

It was assumed that its activity would be to enable Access Points, i.e., service providers enabling suppliers and recipients to exchange documents via the Exchange Framework. The Exchange Network is based on open, non-proprietary standards. It enables support for various companies providing technological and service services, ensuring the secure exchange of electronic documents between them.

DBNAlliance thus first provides exchange policies and standards and then provides access point membership and handles their connection to the exchange framework.

E-invoicing process description

E-invoicing process description

In the USA, the model of the four corners network, operating on a model similar to Peppol, is to apply. Through Access Points, users will be able to send and receive e-invoices. Everything is to be done via secure AS2/AS4 channels. The semantic model chosen aims to maintain strict alignment with established and planned legal frameworks in other parts of the world to support possible global interoperability.

In order to exchange documents in this model, companies must choose a supplier, which is an Access Point that guarantees the exchange of electronic invoices in accordance with the established standard and format with all other companies within the network.

Who is obliged to use e‑Invoicing in United States

In the US, e-invoicing is not mandatory at the federal or state level for both B2B and B2G relationships. 

What is the required format of an e-invoice

Required format is XML based UBL or X12 EDI.

Archiving requirements for e‑Invoicing in US

Storage period is 7 years from filing of the tax return.

Why is Comarch the best choice?

We have 20+ years of experience in carrying out various EDI, e-invoicing, and other document exchange projects around the world. In those years, we have successfully connected more than 130,000 entities from over 60 countries.

  • 1. Legal compliance

    Full compliance with the latest data exchange regulations and modern data transfer standards

  • 2. Digitization

    Applying new technologies and IT solutions in order to streamline workflows and automate activities and procedures

  • 3. Individual approach

    Tailor-made solutions based on processes specific to each company – own road map and a suitable pace of changes

  • 4.Security

    Highest level of security for all sensitive and important company data

    Legal regulation changes in the United States

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