Comarch Loyalty Solutions for Insurance

What is Loyalty Management for Insurance?

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Managing loyalty in the insurance business is a process that results in retaining your customers and keeping them engaged and motivated. Well-designed and properly conducted loyalty actions could help to lower the churn rate, meet KPIs and achieve higher profitability.

Nowadays there are multiple challenges that insurers must face: multisource data collection and dynamic changes in customers’ habits. Moreover, there is a need to maintain constant connections and interaction with customers and notice their individuality.

All of this can be managed by implementing Comarch Loyalty for Insurance

Software designed for insurance companies

Comarch Loyalty Solutions for Insurance Companies

Our loyalty in insurance offer is an all-in-one suite of cloud-based business applications and professional services that can help you to:

  • Plan, design, deploy and manage loyalty programs for customers and employees
  • Run personalized marketing campaigns
  • Monitor and analyze customer behavior effectively
  • Improve customer experience across multiple touch-points and extend customer lifecycle
  • Broaden your offer
  • Increase the conversion level
  • Integrate with third-party systems with ease

Get access to multiple data-driven tools, allowing you to increase loyalty in insurance business, and including:

Loyalty Management


Customer Touchpoints

Mobile App
Customer Care

Data Analytics


Marketing Automation

Campaigns & Messaging
Customer Journeys
Contact Strategies

Who can use it – and how?

Comarch Loyalty Solutions for Insurance is dedicated to insurance companies, brokers and insurtechs. The suite fits any kind of operations, including B2B, B2C and B2E. All functions you need - consolidated within one cloud-based application.

Comarch Loyalty Solutions brings benefits to different stakeholders across the insurance industry. Customer relationships teams and helpdesk representatives are able to make current customers stay with the company and build a long-term partnership.

The marketing department gains the possibility to set automated e-mails and push notifications sent to customers, which are based on their specific behaviors. The communication strategy is fully personalized, so your offer wouldn’t be the same for each customer. That makes your services unique.

Additionally, sales and profits will be increased after insurance brokers will start to offer multiple supplementary benefits to the new customers, as the price of services is not the only key factor anymore.

Insurance companies can also motivate and show a new kind of appreciation to their employees. With a well-designed and effectively managed motivational system, employees will feel appreciated.

Comarch Loyalty Solutions are cloud-native. It means there is no complex and time-consuming implementation process and it also gives a wide spectrum of loyalty management possibilities.

Comarch Loyalty Cloud

loyalty cloud for insurance

Customer touchpoint

Mobile App
Web Portal
Mobile Wallet

Comarch Loyalty Cloud Backoffice Modules

Marketer Panel
Communication Panel
Analytics Panel

Rich API

Enables connection to any third-party system

Customer Service Module

Customer Care Panel

What are the key benefits?

Retain and acquire

Make your customers feel appreciated by multiple rewarding options or redeeming points for vouchers and gifts. Decrease the churnindex.

Build and increase your brand awareness

Motivated customers are more likely to spread information about your offer and the solution itself. Satisfied customers buy more.

Offer financial & non-financial benefits to your customers

Beneficiaries of insurance loyalty program can be rewarded with money, gifts and vouchers or in other way, like jump the queue option. Your loyal customers can save cash and time. Your program can also include some aspects of gamification to keep customers motivated.

Have all essential functions in the Cloud

The environment based on Comarch Cloud technology for everything related to loyalty in insurance and marketing management. Easy implementation and high level of security.

Protect your customers’ personal data

Data security is one of our most important priorities. Our software is always compliant with regulations. All the customers’ personal data within the loyalty program in insurance will be secured.

Achieve technological excellence

Use the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms to identify individual patterns in your customers' behavior and then provide offers which are perfectly in line with their various preferences.

Deliver multi-channel customer service

Seamless transition between channels for consistent experience and satisfaction.

Track your program’s performance

Thanks to Business Intelligence and reporting tools you are able to monitor the ongoing insurance loyalty program from anywhere and at any time.

Build a partnership network and increase conversion

Locate end-customers, open communication channels and offer gifts and rewards.

Offer a tested and trusted user experience design

Our solutions related to loyalty for insurance have enhanced ergonomics for smooth, efficient and just better work.

Proceed with digitalization

Reduce paperwork by using Cloud for efficient customer service

Automate manual processes

Send automated e-mails and push notifications based on customer behavior. This reduces manual work and human error.

Trusted IT solution creator

Comarch is a well-known provider of loyalty programs and cloud services for financial institutions. We rely on our software engineers – true experts with decades of professional experience. Over the years, they have obtained deep knowledge of such domains as insurance and banking. Thanks to this, we can achieve a high level of quality and have an edge over other vendors.

We have been working with banks and insurers for over 20 years. Comarch has become a trusted partner for companies like:

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