Trade Finance software by COMARCH

All online, in a breeze

Comarch Trade Finance is a front-end platform that lets your customers and employees apply for and issue guarantees, letters of credit and collections.

What you get
All in one, end-to-end: full automation and digitization of the entire trade finance process. No bank visits, less workload
Support for wide range of trade products: letters of credit, collections, guarantees – all in one place
Improved business management: intuitive information architecture leading to better decision-making

Problems we help fix


PROBLEM: barrage of operational tasks, complexity of paper forms, keeping customers updated on product statuses via snail mail, email, and phone

FIX: online product applications and status checks: fewer tasks and customer questions, less paper. As a result, reduction of operating costs


PROBLEM: troublesome product application process, no status updates, lack of one consistent information stream

FIX: end-to-end management of trade finance online, transparent and easy-to-follow application forms, advisors available via chat, always up-to-date product information, no need for a branch visit


PROBLEM: heaps of paper, no efficient way to keep track of all the statuses, information gaps

FIX: document and application management online, comprehensive product details

Why we are unique

Built-in processes for the product life-cycle (apply, amend, process, close)
Customer service application (banks can build process workflows and custom product application forms)
Contextual chat service: option to contact advisor while filling out the application

What features we put first in Comarch Trade Finance


With us your customers can:
  • Apply for L/C, collection, or guarantee – all online
  • Issue payment request, accept/reject discrepancies, or access overview of credit limits for trade finance transactions
  • Request financing or discounting
  • Enjoy simplicity and clear information architecture


Let your customers:
  • Have 24/7 access to information about the product
  • See all actions related to an application (who&when: applied, modified, authorized)
  • Save time on visits to branch

What we are proud of

Award granted as part of "Best Corporate/Institutional Digital Banks In Central & Eastern Europe 2018" contest – to ING Bank Śląski for exceptional trade finance IT tools developed by Comarch.

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How we work

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Supporting Trade Finance products at Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.

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Comarch Trade Finance at Raiffeisen

Raiffeisen Bank Polska required a modern solution to manage a growing number of trade finance products as well as an overwhelming amount of related paperwork. As processing these products in the old way of exchanging e-mails or sending faxes, delivering documents in hard copies and signing issuance orders in pen could no longer cut the mustard, the bank has come forward with a concept of digitizing the process. That's where Comarch stepped in.

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