Comarch Business Intelligence for Insurance

Comarch Business Intelligence for the insurance industry

The insurance industry has always used a wealth of data to understand and assess risks, get a holistic view on trends and set their prices on policies. Business intelligence is the key to harnessing the full power of that data. The importance of implementing BI solutions is being noticed not only by the insurers with data-first culture, but also by those who want to keep up with more demanding regulatory changes and make better, data-based business decisions. With Comarch BI for Insurance, you will be able to extract data from multiple sources faster, make analyses and interpret data in an intuitive and effective way, create various smart visualizations and share your powerful insights with other users. This self-service solution also enables uniform and ad-hoc reporting in real time.

Comarch Business Intelligence for Insurance

Software designed for insurance companies

Why Comarch BI?

Comarch’s market presence, experienced and innovative team, aligned with comprehensive expertise in data analysis and machine learning, has resulted in around 100 business intelligence dedicated projects successfully executed across many industries, including the insurance industry.

why business intelligence in insurance

Key features

Insurance companies face many challenges, especially in the modern, data-driven world. Comarch Business Intelligence for the insurance industry offers solutions to many potential problems they encounter, examples of which are shown below.


Increasing volume and velocity of data


In the world of rapidly growing amount of data, implementing BI solutions ensures intelligent data management and supports data quality enhancement and protection. Now, you can make sure to have a reliable, in real-time data source.

Increasing volume and velocity of data

Expensive and time-consuming data extraction


Comarch BI integrates with various data sources and enables you to extract and consolidate data quickly and efficiently – making it a time-saving and cost-effective solution.

expensive and time consuming data extraction

IT department overloaded with tasks


Comarch BI is a self-service tool – therefore no advanced IT skills are needed to navigate it efficiently. With its intuitive design and simplicity of usage, our solution is empowering every user to make smarter analyses and turn information into useful findings.

it department

Privacy and data-sharing


You can keep your information safe and protected by simply managing permission settings.


Multiple systems in the company


Our solution can be integrated or expanded with other Comarch solutions and systems. Moreover, Comarch’s unified interfaces across different products make the solution even more user-friendly.

multiple systems

Difficulty to understand data and draw meaningful conclusions


With many types of customizable and interactive visualizations, Comarch BI for insurance will boost your productivity and effectiveness by making information easier and faster to process, highlighting interrelations between elements and enabling you to identify insights that otherwise may have been missed. You can also share your data with other users and use the bulit-in communication mechanism to make comments, raise questions or disclose insights.

Difficulty to understand

Complex business processes


Comarch Business Intelligence for insurance companies offers the big picture of insurer’s key business activities (including open claims) and provides tools for process optimization.

complex business process

Meeting your requirements for the solution


Responding to our customers’ needs, Comarch BI can run on-premises, off-premises and as SaaS.

meeting requirements
Data complex

Further benefits for insurance companies

Comarch BI offers quick and easy-to-understand data analytics, facilitating:

Recognizing potential growth opportunities and responding to dynamic challenges

Accurate forecasting and predictive analytics in real time

Increased profitability and adapting to volatile requirements

Efficient and automated reporting

Ensuring compliance with regulations

Improved monitoring of the performance of your personnel and boosting customer service

Prompt analyses of policies performance

Efficient claims handling as well as careful calculation of premiums and reserves for insurance policies

Better risk management and underwriting

Download the The Challenges of Building a Data-driven Organization White Paper

Challenges of building a data-driven organization

The White Paper discusses the data driven approach to decision-making, starting at the crucial elements of the approach, identifying the difficulties companies face, as well as providing success stories and recommendations.


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