Comarch Business Intelligence at Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited

Malta-based Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited is set to implement a BI solution from a global software house, Comarch.

The project encompasses building an insurance-specific data warehouse representing the main insurance activities including sales, underwriting, claims and actuarial. Operating in the cloud, Comarch Business Intelligence enables users to extract data from multiple sources, including both Oney core insurance systems and external systems.

Our product makes it possible to combine data from multiple sources, analyse the information into a digested format, and then disseminate the information to relevant stakeholders’, says Monika Olszówka, Oney Group Account Manager of Comarch Financial Services. This will allow Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited to see the big picture and make smarter business decisions each day.

Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited is an insurance company belonging to Oney Bank, a French bank founded in 1983. Oney Bank, is a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE and Auchan Holding. 

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