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Driven by everyday needs of insurance agents and sales partners, designed for boosting their business performance and facilitating their work – a must for any insurer!

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Intuitive interface and solution flexibility reducing time and costs of a claim handling process.

Comarch Insurance Claims is an innovative and comprehensive claims management software for life and non-life insurance companies. The system supports claim handling process end-to-end: from registration and calculation through to decision making and benefit payment, accelerating the everyday work of claim adjusters. As a claim handling software, the system meets the most important requirements of companies operating on the rapidly growing insurance market.

Key business advantages

Increase of competitive advantage

Smooth information flow, automated processes and reduced costs boost the company position

Automation of business processes

Automated internal and external settlements calculation of benefits and correspondence increase performance and accelerate claim service

Reduction of operating expenses

Shortening the time needed for claim handling decreases the costs significantly

Control of claim ratio

Validation rules used in Comarch claims management software support effective decision making and limit control


  • comprehensive claim handling software supporting all types of life and non-life insurance products, all business lines, all communication channels
  • all kinds of claims and claim processes (simple/standard, long, with external adjuster etc.)
  • service-oriented architecture (SOA) of our claims management software facilitating integration with external systems
  • multilingualism and multicurrency in the claims management software
  • user-friendly graphical interface adjusted to the type of claims allowing efficient customer claim service and fast payment of benefits


Success Stories


Comarch Mobile CLaims Adjuster at WARTA SA

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Comarch Insurance Claims supports all areas of claims handling. One of the main goals of our claims management software is to automate the full claim process, reducing its time and costs. The system supports insurance companies in gaining a competitive edge thanks to quick benefit payments, professional customer service, and easy configurations of claim processes.

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