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Streamline the management of receivables and boost your factoring business

Comarch Factoring is a cloud-based platform that lets factors and their customers manage and control a full lifecycle of receivables.

Comarch Factoring integrates a dedicated tool for customer service, advanced settlement engine, and multichannel access to factoring services.

What you get with Comarch Factoring system?

Automated matching of payments and receivables to improve business efficiency
Adaptability to various products (factoring; invoice discounting; loan note; AR management; reverse factoring/SCF) – covered
Quick and easy upload of receivables thanks to bulk import and OCR features

What’s in it for factoring customers?


  • Import invoices in bulk to quickly and conveniently process a large number of invoices
  • Manage receivables, track their status and benefit from automatic booking of an invoice payment
  • Get notified about important events (expiration date, payback, payout) to keep effective control over finances
  • Add, modify and remove counterparties – all online


  • Get a full picture of the current state of receivables whenever it’s needed
  • Add new invoices on the go and take advantage of the OCR feature – no need to enter data manually
  • Authorize a large number of invoices with just a few clicks

What’s in it for factoring companies?


  • See all receivables added by factoring customers and access counterparties in order to monitor their financial performance
  • Configure and review factoring contracts through the whole lifecycle – quick and easy set-up of profits, margins, limits and counterparties
  • Effortlessly monitor invoice settlement lifecycles e.g. due dates, thanks to automatic notifications
  • Benefit from the settlement module to free up time and resources
Settlement engine

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E-Trade for BNP Paribas

The race against time was the greatest challenge for the designers of Comarch Factoring system (the bank’s name for it is E-Trade). Factoring is becoming more and more popular on the Polish and international markets thanks to simplified procedures and resources, which clients can access to carry on the day-to-day business of their companies. At the same time factoring is one of the more advanced financial services and requires specialized knowledge as well as confident handling of complicated business processes. To meet these challenges Comarch designed and implemented E-Trade factoring system.

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