Comarch Wealth Management

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Empower your clients to keep track of their wealth and let them make the most of it

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Comarch Wealth Management is an integrated, multi-module platform dedicated to retail, affluent and private banking client segments. The platform supports wealth management service providers and their clients in delivering the following:

  • Recurrent advisory – fully automated or hybrid investment advice
  • Simplified advisory – occasional assistance with choosing investment products
  • Execution only – direct access to trading desks enhanced with support for order execution and all administrative tasks 
  • Portfolio management – traditional discretionary portfolio management of individual client assets

Comarch Wealth Management focuses on the relationship and cooperation between advisors and wealthy clients regardless of the way client investments are managed: be it fully automated robo-advisory with the help of a chat bot, or personal advisory carried out by a relationship manager. In both of these cases, Comarch Wealth Management ensures a consistent user experience. Due to its omnichannel approach, the platform allows to seamlessly continue processes through multiple channels and share information between clients and their advisors.

Key business advantages

Enrich and streamline your business

Coverage of different banking services within one integrated, modular system

Cater to all client segments and boost your sales

Individual process configurations within one flexible solution

Increase efficiency of your business processes by automating them

End-to-end processes starting from client onboarding and relationship management up to portfolio monitoring and reporting

Meet regulatory requirements and standardize your services

MiFID II-compliant platform ensuring the same quality of services each and every time

Empower your employees and engage your clients

Rich functions designed for both sides of the relationship

Comprehensive business governance

Seamlessly connected environment and integration of all relevant data and sources across your business

Business process continuity and convenience

Omnichannel approach and excellent user experience

Reach new generations of clients

Latest technologies and trends including artificial intelligence, cognitive techniques and new client channels such as VR, AR and chat bots

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The competitive edge of the Comarch Wealth Management platform stems from a unique combination of functions supporting traditional, personal way of maintaining the bank-client relationship as well as digital and innovative approach towards wealth management services and offerings. Personal investment advisory or portfolio management, hybrid or fully automated robo-advisory conducted with the help of AI engines – depending on your needs and business model, we can deliver what suits you most.

The Comarch Wealth Management system supports different recipients:

  • Relationship managers - in advisory and financial planning processes, including rebalancing, compliance and monitoring
  • End-clients – in self-driven robo-advisory processes and bank-client communication with the usage of newest technologies and innovative channels
  • Wealth managers - in discretionary portfolio management in line with regulations and investment mandates
  • Analysts - in running performance and risk calculations to assess client portfolio efficiency

No matter who the final recipient is, the solution provides consistent user experience, powerful AI mechanisms and  a stunning interface, all designed with the newest standards and trends. Traditional channels (web, mobile) are complemented with innovative peripherals in the form of virtual and augmented reality as well as chat bots. Here is where 20-years’ experience in finance mixes with disruptive ideas originated in our internal R&D lab. All modules are supported with world-class security solutions and hosted in one of our data centers.