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Comarch Wealth Management is an integrated, multi-module platform that allows you to give the finest investment advice to all your clients, no matter who they are, and how they change.

Recommend next steps in minutes. Stay reachable. Build relationships that last. 

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We've built our system to guide advisors and clients to the right investment decisions, step by step.

No matter how many clients you have, which segment they belong to, or how experienced your advisors are, you will keep your service at the highest level.

Better yet, it will take you less time than you think. It only takes a glance to have a full client investment picture - and that means you can give accurate recommendations within one meeting.

Also, you'll be much easier to get in touch with. Think client app, online meetings, shared investment ideas, and more.

But what really counts, is that you'll find it easier to keep your finger on the pulse. So whatever changes your clients or the markets may experience, you will be set and ready for what’s ahead.

This is how relationships grow stronger.

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The competitive edge of the Comarch Wealth Management platform stems from a unique combination of functions supporting the traditional, personal way of maintaining the bank-client relationship, as well as the digital and innovative approach towards wealth management services and offerings. Personal investment advisory or discretionary portfolio management, hybrid or fully automated robo-advisory conducted with the help of AI engines – depending on your needs and business model, we can deliver what suits you most.

Support for different recipients

  • Relationship managers - in advisory and financial planning processes, including rebalancing, compliance and monitoring
  • End-clients – in self-driven robo-advisory processes and bank-client communication with the use of the newest technologies and innovative channels
  • Wealth managers - in discretionary portfolio management in line with regulations and investment mandates
  • Analysts - in running performance and risk calculations to assess client portfolio efficiency

Step-by-step advisor guidance

Quick access to full client investment picture

Paperless information flow and one-click actions with digital authorization

End-to-end process within one meeting

Interaction between advisors and their clients in any time and any place

Personalized investment ideas, recommendations and reports

Market monitoring and prioritized alerts

Hybrid-advisory for interactive collaboration and proposition sharing

Build relationships that last

Comarch Wealth Management platform

Problems we help fix

‘One size fits all’ approach

We believe everyone deserves excellent investment advice, the one that fits best. And so, the Comarch Wealth Management system lets you fine-tune your recommendations to client needs, financial capabilities, or risk appetite - all based on their up-to-date financial picture. All in a single system.


Unstable business, confused clients

Automated modules embedded in the platform amplify operational efficiency, which results in cost reduction, saved time, and an additional business generation. CWM’s proprietary end-to-end advisory process - from client onboarding, through relationship nurturing, to reporting will make your job much easier.


Weak employee experience

We provide employees with performance and analytical tools to make their work smooth and efficient. Comarch Wealth Management prioritizes advisors’ tasks and activities by consolidating and monitoring vast data sets. It also guides advisors every step of the way, minimizing the risk of human error.


Hard-to-reach advisors

Thanks to the Comarch Wealth Management software, your clients can get in touch with their advisors using video chats or text messages, but also take a peek into advisors’ calendars to schedule a meeting. With the Comarch Wealth Management software, you can guide your clients towards financial discipline: thanks to investment ideas, notifications or automated rebalancing, the clients always stay on top of growing their wealth.

Wealth management software areas

wealth management software areas
advisor front office

Advisor front-office

This area consolidates all client wealth across internal and external sources and creates a thorough client investment picture being a starting point of every client-advisor interaction. The advisory process is based on the analysis of client’s financial situation and investment needs, followed by the assessment of client risk appetite. Optimal recommendations for the particular client situation and goal parameters are then generated, pertaining both to product and model portfolio advisory.

The process of individual portfolio tailoring is monitored in terms of product suitability, appropriateness, and other business limits. The whole process is also documented and archived both for internal audit purposes and client or regulatory reporting needs.

The management reporting gives insights into overall business growth, structure and activity, letting decision makers monitor the business and shape its appropriate strategy across different business units.

Wide capabilities of the system and process configurations enable a tailor-made setup towards different business lines and client segments, as well as flexible management of business objects and contents.

Multichannel in wealth management software

Multichannel client front-end

Multichannel client front-end is an AI-driven investment recommendation solution which provides the clients with their current wealth snapshot, portfolio performance, and market news. Depending on the context, it can run on various devices automatically: from smartphones and desktops through VR goggles and car head units. In so doing, it allows financial institutions to seamlessly guide their digital-native clients towards financial soundness and investment engagement – in the most convenient way possible.

The solution automatically extends tailored portfolio alerts, product recommendations, or investment ideas based on market sentiment as well as client preferences or online activity tracked via specialized apps. It serves as:

  • Virtual investment assistant recommending clients on how to make the most of their assets – through voice and vision
  • Reliable companion who knows client’s personal, financial, behavioral, and risk profiles, being able not only to adjust to various needs and objectives but also anticipate them
  • Robo-advisor supporting wealth managers and their clients with adaptive investment proposal (recommendations, lifecycle asset allocation, market signals, market sentiment)
  • Chatbot that employs natural language processing or data visualization to communicate with clients the way that fits best at a given moment
reporting engine

Reporting engine

The Reporting engine is responsible for mass generation of comprehensive client investment reports distributed to Advisor front-office, Client front-end, the financial institution’s client portal, or other resource. The reporting function is responsible for creating report templates as well as final reports, which are generated and distributed to advisors and end-clients in accordance with setup schedule and regularity.

analytical engine in wealth management software

Analytical engine

The analytical engine supports financial institutions with a powerful engine responsible for various performance and risk analyses. The calculations provide relationship managers, portfolio managers, and clients with relevant portfolio measures, seamlessly feeding Advisor front-office and Client front-end channels. The engine also enhances the client front-end function with appropriate data and calculation results, providing end-clients with portfolio reporting and other investment insights.

Delivery process

wealth management software implementation processwealth management software implementation process

Delivery of the Comarch Wealth Management platform does not only entail the implementation of the system. We take care of our clients starting from day one, and ending with long-term system maintenance and upgrade.

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