Robo-advisory module

Streamline the customer journey from investment onboarding to execution with the Robo-advisory module of Comarch Wealth Management. The module will help you automate rebalancing and execution processes, as well as maintain full control over product offering, compliance, and suitability limits.

Introduction to the process

  • Investment goal selection that allows for choosing the investment objective out of variety of themes and financial goals (retirement, real estate, children education, ESG, SRI, etc.)
  • Investment preference setup aimed at defining both the starting amount, value to gather and the investment horizon
  • Investment option presentation with different asset types (stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.) and investment methods shown (one-time/regular investment)
introduction to the process

Customer setup

  • Regulatory-compliant client identification with the use of newest technologies (OCR, biometrics)
  • Contact data verification with face recognition, face matching or voice detection used
  • Document scanning and authenticity check (ID scan/photo upload) with automatic document verification and customer data retrieval (OCR)
  • AML questions and checks as part of KYC analysis
  • Data submission and account setup thanks to integration with core systems of financial institutions
  • Video- and biometrics-based authentication providing extra security level
  • Contract signing – approving documents online
customer setup in robo advisory

Customer profiling and investment proposal

  • Risk profiling surveys that help assess client risk appetite and the ability to bear losses
  • Investment strategy recommendation and target allocation allowing the client to gain an in-depth understanding of the optimal investment allocation and risk diversification
  • Simulations and disclosures presenting the potential outlook of an investment in a specific time period
  • Model portfolio proposal and product info to learn more about investment products inside the model portfolios before actually subscribing for the investment offering
  • Easy to navigate and execute order placement and fee details
  • Payment method selection including credit cards, bank transfers and other payment mechanisms
customer profiling

Portfolio review and rebalancing

  • One-time top-up and withdrawal
  • Periodical contribution set-up – size of contributions adjusted to client financial capabilities
  • Rebalancing proposal and execution –investment strategy and model allocation suitable for specified portfolio
  • Review of portfolio structure, evolution and performance – in-depth information about current portfolios, gains and losses as well as historical transactions and corporate actions
  • Portfolio monitoring – crucial events related to the owned positions (price change, dividend, upcoming maturity)
  • Product details to learn more about specific investment product before purchasing it

All this is accessed via dedicated applications or API, and integrated with your internal data or external partners. Each setup is country-specific, so there is no need to worry – our robo-advisory will always be in line with each bank’s requirements in terms of investment constraints and compliance rules.

Support your end-clients with self-driven robo-advisory processes and bank-client communication through innovative channels with the use of newest technologies.

Let your business grow by taking client experience to the next level.

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