Investment management software for wealth services

How Comarch Wealth Management investment software can empower institutions to deliver bespoke services to their clients?

Let your advisors finetune investment proposals thanks to deep understanding of client situation and preferences. Support portfolio managers with individually managed strategies as well as decision making process based on mass portfolio rebalancing algorithms. Enrich your clients’ wealth management journey with self-directed investing and robo-advisory.

1. Personal advisory

Comarch Wealth Management Advisor Front-Office helps provide investment management through a personal service. All to equip relationship managers with a solution that improves their efficiency and assures the highest standards of investment management services delivered to clients.

The solution goes hand in hand with other Comarch Wealth Management business offerings which can extend the scope of services to DIY investment management or robo-advisory.

personal advisory

Custom portfolio building or recommended model portfolio selection

Investment advisory in line with suitability and investor protection standards

High focus on client situation and investment circumstances as well as actual client needs, preferences and expectations

Tight control over investment limits and business rules configured in line with the compliance and business philosophy requirements

Ongoing monitoring, detailed investment analysis and reporting shared with both RMs and clients

Targeted investment ideas offered to clients based on their investment situation and financial capabilities

Remote advisory and RM-client recommendation sharing

Paperless processes by giving investment proposals for approval in the client’s channel

Discretionary portfolio management

2. Discretionary portfolio management

CWM platform supports financial institutions with Discretionary Portfolio Management starting from individual customer onboarding to the service up to comprehensive portfolio management based on investment strategies, model portfolios and automatic portfolio rebalancing.

The solution enables to cover DPM service together with Advisory and Execution-only in one tool. This allows financial institutions to serve customers from different perspectives leveraging one platform which is meant for relationship managers, investment advisors as well as portfolio managers. 

Definition and management of investment strategies with strategical and tactical asset allocation

Setup of customer investment strategy in line with customer risk profile and preferences

Setup and maintenance of model portfolios based on single products or sub-models

Application of general compliance constraints and individual investment limits

Mass portfolio rebalancing and orders generation followed by pre-trade check

Performance analytics delivered for customers portfolios and models

3. Robo investing

Robo-advisory addresses a specific type of financial advisory which is about providing advice and investment management online, with minimum or no human involvement. Comarch Wealth Management for robo-advisory is a white label investment software with configurable logic and business rules towards each and every institution. It acts as an end-to-end platform with fully controlled investment propositions and straight-through processing which assures a high level of automation and integrity.

All this is accessed via dedicated applications or API, and integrated with your internal data or external partners. Each setup is country-specific, so you don’t have to worry – our robo-advisory will always be in line with your bank’s requirements in terms of investment constraints and rules.

robo investing

Excellent client journey which guides the client from investment onboarding to execution

Option to launch many investment goals and portfolios with different contributions behind

Investment proposal matching client goals, and preferences and life stages

Control over compliance and suitability limits

Automated rebalancing with no client involvement

Readiness to integrate with core systems and market execution platforms to handle client onboarding, account opening and order execution

4. Self-directed investing

User-friendly client front-end is what defines our investment management software made for the B2C business model. It acts as a DIY channel where individual clients can carry on their wealth management journeys, in the self-service mode.  Empower your clients in managing their investments.

All the features embedded in our investment management software are aimed at supporting the DIY approach, improve client engagement and their investment activities. Self-directed investing is a perfect stand-alone offering, but also an excellent add-on to a personal service where wealth managers monitor client activity in an app and can make recommendations accordingly.

self directed investing

Calculators which help simulate different investment scenarios

Various investment themes which might be of your clients’ interests

Simple investment plans with regular savings for clients who have a low-entry threshold

More advanced investment options for frequent traders and advanced investors

Analytics which deliver detailed insights about performance and risk of client positions

Investment option ideas

ai based investing

5. AI-based investing

Comarch Wealth Management brings disruptive solutions to the world of investment management software. AI-based recommendation engine has a positive impact on daily duties of your investment advisors,  wealth managers and portfolio managers, helping them with recommending the best products out of a diverse product universe.

Your investment officers will get a tool that enhances the model portfolio creation thanks to additional insights. These come from an AI-based supermodel with 20 year long market behavior analysis, which can assess fund attractiveness and rank funds used for building model portfolios.

Investment management software powered by AI is now becoming a trend. By using public data, such as mutual fund quotes, commodity prices, market indexes, FX rates and macro data from major economies, we were able to build an AI-based product ranking that predicts which funds would have the highest rate of return in the nearest future.

Periodically review product recommendation lists

Facilitate tactical allocation of asset and sub-asset classes

Identify products in portfolios that may be switched for more prospective ones

Help your RMs and clients to compare products in terms of their market potential

Create and review models out of top products

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