Comarch Asset Management system

The Comarch Asset Management system is targeted at investment and pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies. It supports the processes of asset management, fund valuation and bookkeeping, as well as portfolio risk and performance measurement and regulatory reporting.

Our solution can be used by:

Banks and other financial institutions

Asset management solution

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Key business advantages

Efficient portfolio management

Automation of tasks related to order and portfolio management

Ongoing monitoring

Real-time portfolio control in terms of asset allocation, composition and compliance with investment strategy and limits

Automated rebalancing

Increase in the efficiency of portfolio managers through automatic adjustment of fund structure to defined targets

Recordkeeping and compliance

Recording of all investment processes and actions; storing all necessary data for internal and legal reporting purpose

Flexible performance analytics

Flexible performance and risk analytics helping to identify best and worst investment areas

Fund valuation rules

Individual approach to portfolio valuation depending on types of securities

Compliance rules

Advanced compliance module automating investment limit control as required by regulator or investment team

Regulatory requirements

Support for staying in line with regulatory requirements in terms of reporting, compliance, valuation or accounting rules

Modularity & Configuration

The solution is fully modular, which means we can adjust the scope of functionalities to your specific needs. In particular, during the project it is possible to focus the efforts solely on IBOR, with all the required seamless integrations. That ensures flexibility and quick-to-deliver projects.

Moreover, our extensive +30 years of experience in the capital markets area brings valuable know-how to the table. The platform is highly configurable – therefore in most cases one can adjust processes to the specific needs without system customizations.


Fully-fledged investment management system

The Comarch Asset Management system offers a set of features supporting end-to-end asset management and facilitates front-, middle- and back-office operations. The platform itself is highly configurable, which makes it possible to tailor processes and algorithms to particular investment philosophies and a wide range of supported portfolios, user profiles and funds subject to different regulations and regimes. A significant strength of the Comarch Asset Management software is its performance and risk measurement capabilities.

The Regulatory & portfolio reporting module supports the reporting processes associated with obligations specified in the UCITS, AIFMD, MiFID and Solvency II regulations.

The individual components of the Comarch Asset Management system are targeted at different groups of users:

  • The areas which support investment processes and the control of investment limits are dedicated to asset managers, analysts, risk management specialists and compliance department.
  • The area enabling the generation of advanced analyses of performance (e.g., Sharpe, Sortino, TE and IR), attribution (models by Brinson, van Breukelen and Campisi) and risk (incl. VaR and stress-tests) used by portfolio and risk managers.
  • The area for fund valuation, bookkeeping, payments and settlements is designed for back-office employees responsible for fund administration and accounting in custodian banks as well as investment and insurance companies.
  • The regulatory reporting area and analytical engine supports risk managers, analysts, accountants and compliance department employees by automating the processes of generating regulatory reports and reports for investment committee meetings.
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